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I create products about making money online, writing fiction and writing nonfiction. I’ve listed all my products below.

Writing Fiction

The Partridge Method: How to Write a Christmas Romance Novella in 12 Days

ABC Character Method

How to Write a Fish Out of Water Romance

Quick Fixes for Kindle Writers

Endless Kindle Story Ideas

Painless Historical Fiction: Regency

Painless Historical Fiction: American West

How to Finish Your Novel in 30 Days

Writing Nonfiction

How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days

Easiest Kindle Books Ever

Malka Writing Newsletter

How to Write About Any Topic

How to Write a Happiness Book

Money Online

Get Paid to Build Your List

The SIBOC Email Template

Rare Millionaire Audio Files

How to Make Faster and Better Decisions

Malka Mail Check Lists

Small List Email Maestro

Three Haunting Affiliate Marketing Questions

Case Study $500 per Hour

Email Marketing Tipsheet

Casual Holiday Blogging