What if You Could Play More, Work Less, and Still Write More Than Ever?

→ Do you have good ideas, helpful tools, and everything else you need to write, but just can't seem to make yourself do it consistently?

→ Do you keep looking at the clock, thinking, "OK, I'll start at 7:00."  -- "OK... 8:00. I'll write at 8:00." -- "Really, I'll start writing at 9:00." -- until you find so many other things to do that it's time for bed and you've done no writing at all?

→ Do you struggle with staying focused for more than 5 minutes at a time?

So did I - until I found the answer...

Hi! Britt here. A lot of people have asked me what has changed this year. How did I go from putting out the odd book and product here and there to being more productive than ever?

I've always used timers and tried to be organized. That helped me over the years...

But it wasn't enough. I still wasn't finishing
books as fast as I needed.

I felt like I should somehow be able to work smarter and faster on a more consistent basis.

It turns out that I was right. I discovered that the problem was the WAY I was working. It was all wrong for me. I was too easily distracted.

I needed to find a way to stay focused the entire time I was working on a task.

Something had to change.

→ Is this sounding at all familiar to you in your own day-to-day writing?

Sure, you could just keep doing what you've been doing. I could have done that, too. I was getting by. It was a living.

But I knew I could do better! I needed to do better!

I was tired of knowing I could be writing more books and making more money.

So I set out to figure out how to maximize my output while working just a couple of hours a day. That was my goal.

I tried a lot of things. I tested and re-tested. I fine-tuned. I tweaked.

And I finally got it right!​

Now I'm ready to share what I discovered with you...​

Even if you can only sit and focus on writing for FIVE MINUTES at a time, I can help you do more.


This is - hands down - the best way I've ever found to be more productive without spending more time actually working.

In fact, my 2-Hour Focused Writing strategy even helps in other aspects of my business.

►It sharpens my mind.
►It keeps me focused on what's truly important.
►It limits the distractions that used to eat up the clock.

It's all about focus, time use, and separating goals.

Every day (except Saturdays), I write for two hours.

I'm not perfect (who is?), but I achieve that goal nearly every day. Even on my worst days, I still manage to get some productive writing done. It all adds up!

This 2-hour method has become a really HUGE piece of the puzzle. Small changes have made big differences.

I get more done now in just two hours than I used to do in two days! 

You can do it, too. Inside 2-Hour Focused Writing:

  • I'll show you the exact schedules I came up with to write more and write better in less time.
  • I'll show you how to strategically write to improve your focus, so you produce higher quality writing in record time.
  • I'll explain how I was sabotaging myself during writing sessions to help save you a ton of time and frustration.
  • I'll point you toward some useful tools to make all of this easier and improve your chances of success.
  • I'll provide you with several worksheets to make your transition from what you do now to this new and improved strategy even easier and more successful.
  • I'll show you how this works wonders for fiction AND nonfiction writing (info products, too, if you're an online marketer).

Look, you can keep doing what you're doing now. If it's working for you, more power to you!

But if you're frustrated and you keep wondering whether or not you will ever be able to finish a book, then you need 2-Hour Focused Writing.

This is the culmination of many months of testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning. It works!

Using these methods, I went from being just OK to becoming super-productive. More importantly, I'm much happier today as a writer than I used to be.

I work fewer hours & my output is off the charts!

If that sounds like where you want to be, I urge you to read 2-Hour Focused Writing right now! 

Perfect for fiction AND non-fiction writers (Online Marketers, too)!

2-Hour Focused Writing

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