I Earned Almost $500 an Hour on a Product I Created in about 5 Hours, and You Can Too!

Are you convinced you don't have the time (or expertise) to create your own product?

Does the thought of writing your own sales letter terrify you?

Do you want to make more money, but you aren't getting there by promoting other people's products here and there?

You are not alone.​

Hi! I'm Britt, and I spent way too long NOT creating enough products of my own.

I wasted far too much time before I finally created my first product.

After I did make my first product, I did NOTHING with it.

I was too afraid to try to sell it on my own.

Why? Because I'd read plenty of sales letters, but I never thought I could write one myself.

I was petrified, but it had to be done. So I took a shot at it.

That was a pretty bad sales page.​

My first product was a dud​ :(

But I was determined to make it, so I didn't give up after that first attempt.

I spent weeks creating another product.

And, again, I found myself paralyzed by the thought of writing another sales letter.

But I rolled up my sleeves and did it. And this time, the results were better.

I was learning and improving at writing sales copy.​

But I was still far from successful as a product creator.

Why? Because I just wasn't putting out enough of my own stuff.​

I needed to make more products faster.​

Yes, I put out products over the next few years, but I didn't do it on any kind of regular basis.

I used the excuse that I was too busy to create my own products.

After all, I had been writing professionally since the 90's. I could just keep doing that and promote other people's products to make enough money.

With most of the products other people made that I promoted to my list, I kept thinking, “I could have written this.”

Once in a while, I'd get up a head of steam and put out another product of my own.

Some of them made decent money. Some of them failed horribly. I wasn't really making any serious headway as a product creator.

Then lightning struck and everything changed!​

One of the products I put out after a long interval did really well.

Just like I always had done, I thought, “Why don't I do this more often?”

I blamed it on how long it takes to create products. I blamed it on still not being comfortable writing sales pages.

But I decided to make a change to how I worked.

I made just ONE change: I decided that I would keep track of exactly how long I spent on each step of the process.

I timed myself, and I wrote down everything that I did. That's it.

The results were incredible!

I'd only wanted to figure out how much time it actually took me to do each step. That was my only goal.

Instead, to my delight, I discovered that I now had amazing focus and was able to fully concentrate on each task.

By the time I finished that product, I honestly felt GUILTY that I had finished everything so quickly.

I worried that what I created might not have been up to my usual standard.

But by then I'd done enough products to know that that this one was good. Really good!

And it was.

That product sold over 500 copies and brought in $6662.85 in total sales. My profit was $2500.52!

Not only that, I also got great testimonials
like this one...

Wow! I've always admired Britt's training guides <she's a great storyteller> and this may be the BEST one yet! She takes book outlining to a new artform. Trust me, once you go through this training, you'll never have trouble coming up with a book outline again! And, you'll be motivated to complete your project faster with her methods.

Barbara O'Toole

Since I wrote down every single step as I did it, I've decided to release it so you can use it, too.

I even went back and added step-by-step instructions and suggestions to make it easier for you to follow along and create your own product, from start to finish.

This isn't the ONLY way to create your own product, of course.

You can outsource and have someone create the product for you. You still have a scary sales letter, but you can outsource that, too.

The problems with that? Your costs and results vary with outsourcing.

You might end up having to edit and rewrite a lot of the product and sales letter.

The money you make doesn't really “count” until you've recouped what you spent to have the product and sales letter created.

You can try using PLR.

But again, you have a lot of rewriting to do with PLR to make it your own.

You can figure out your own way of doing things through trial and error.

Of course, you'll likely end up running into the same problems that I did:

►You spend a lot of time deciding on topics and creating products.
►The problem with trial and error on a sales letter is that no matter how great your product, if you can't get people to click on the buy button, no one will ever see it.
►And you're never really sure which part of the sales letter didn't work. So when you make changes, it's all a big guessing game.
►You end up risking your next products in sales letter tests.

Why not follow what I did and take all of the guesswork out of it?


I've written down every step of the process that I took to make almost $500 an hour.

I even included how much time I spent on each step.

I then went back and added how-to instructions to each step to help you get a better idea of WHY I did things and how YOU can do them, too.

You can do every step of the process from start to finish by following along. It's that easy!

Take a look at everything that's covered...

  • I bring you in on the decision-making process when I selected my topic to help you come up with an equivalent product in your niche.
  • Throughout the case study/how-to, I give examples for over a dozen different niches.
  • I show you the headline I chose, why, and the exact elements it should have to get your buyers' attention.
  • I show you my PROVEN sales letter, why I said everything on it, and suggestions on what you should say to make sales, too.
  • I'll give you the actual outline I used to speed-create my product and show you how it could work for an example product in a totally different niche.
  • Timing yourself against the time I spent on each product will help you recognize when you've fallen into a time suck so you can pull yourself out and get back on track.
  • You get my REAL swipe file and suggestions for yours will make it easier for affiliates to promote your product.
  • I even give you the welcome email that I sent to buyers and tips to make your own welcome email for your new buyers.

You'll get my step-by-step instructions to help you create a GOOD product with a
MONEY-MAKING sales letter from start to finish in as little as 5 hours!​

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