Fastest, Easiest Way to Build a List Full of Buyers and a Growing Monthly Income

Works for Anyone - Even If You Have NO Experience!

►Are you tired of being on the outside looking in - not making money online while others all around you are?

►Are you sick of feeling intimidated because you don't have much experience and don't know how to get started?

►Are you finally ready to take action and make a growing monthly income?

If you're nodding your head and shouting, 'Yes, I am!' - I've got just what the doctor ordered.

Dear Frustrated, Stressed-Out, Spitting-Mad Online Marketer,

I have been there, done that, and I didn't even get a lousy t-shirt.

My name is Britt Malka, and I'm a recovering wannabe marketer.

I know exactly how you feel and what you're going through. The shoes you're wearing now are probably worn out from all the walking I've done in them.

But take heart. I bring you good news!

Seriously, you'll want to read every word on this page - because by the time you finish, I guarantee the light bulb will go on and you will have hope again.

I struggled for longer than I care to admit to get things rolling in my internet marketing business. Most days, I felt like I was banging my head against that proverbial brick wall.

See if this sounds familiar...

I finished each day mentally drained, feeling like I'd done hours and hours of work, only to make next-to-nothing... and often, actually nothing.

All work and no play made Britt a dull girl.

I was at the end of my rope after a few months of that. I'm sure you can relate, and maybe you're at that point yourself. Right?

What saved me was learning from a trusted mentor that product creation and building a list was THE way to go.

No more playing around with article writing, blogging, AdSense, or dicey things like CPA.

Those things can work (or at least, they used to for some people), but I never cracked the code. At best, I made a little here, a little there. Not nearly enough to make a living or even call it an online business.

To really get serious and build a growing monthly income online, I needed to create and sell. And then I needed to go back to those customers and keep selling.

It was that simple.

But that idea scared the living daylights out of me!

Again, I ask you - can you relate? Does the idea of making your own products to sell have you quivering like a jell-o mold in an earthquake?

I mean, what are you, some kind of guru? No way! And everybody knows only the gurus sell their own stuff. Duh.

Well, stop shaking, take a few deep breaths, and let me put all your fears to rest right now.


Here's how you can skip over the need to be a guru hotshot and go straight to making products people want and need and that they will pay you good money to acquire - all while building a responsive email list to make even more money...


I know what you're probably thinking right now...

►You're worried that building a list means spending lots of money for traffic, putting in all kinds of time with no assurance of it paying off, and being even more frustrated than you are right now.​

What if I told you I know a way you can avoid all that pain and not have to put in a lot of work?

Best of all, how would you like to actually get paid to build your list instead of shelling out big bucks like most marketers end up doing?

How is all of that possible, you ask?

In a word: cheatsheets.

​That's right - cheatsheets. But the cheatsheets I'll show you how to make come with a twist. And it's the twist that makes them sell like hotcakes!

Here are the questions you probably have at this point...

1. What are cheatsheets?

Simply put, these are short little PDF products that typically comprise a list of links to resources and explanations of important things centered around a specific topic.

Pick the right topic and your cheatsheet will be gobbled up by potentially hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hungry buyers!

2. How long does a cheatsheet take to put together?

Ahh, that's the beautiful thing about this type of product. They take next to no time at all to create! All the real "work" involved (if you can even call it that) is finding the resources to link to in your cheatsheet.

You can realistically put together a valuable cheatsheet in less than 6 hours.​

3. How much can you charge for a cheatsheet?

These are lower-priced products, usually going for $2-$8 each. But don't let that low price fool you! You have to factor in how quickly you can create one and how the low price attracts more buyers.

And buyers are the key, especially when you're trying to build your business. You want an email list full of people who have bought from you in the past. That's worth more than you can imagine!

It doesn't matter if they spent $1 or $100, they've proven to be people who will give you money. You can capitalize on that over and over... and over.

4. What's this about a twist?

Well, I'm gonna tease you just a little about that. I can't give it all away here on this page, after all.

Let's just say for now that I do one extra thing with my cheatsheets that makes them much more attractive to both buyers and affiliates I want to promote them for me to increase sales and profits. This extra thing does not require any more work on your part, but just offering it will result in more sales. You'll see.

I'll give you all the rest inside after you click that order button at the bottom of this page. You'll love it, I promise!

5. What's the best thing about cheatsheets?

I can't answer that with just one or even two things.

Here's a bunch of reasons why cheatsheets are great:

  • Anybody can make 'em.
  • No experience required.
  • No need to prove income results.
  • No time-consuming creation process.
  • No special knowledge of any kind needed.
  • You can make one or more per week to sell - easily!

So... now what?

You can keep doing what you've been doing up to this point. How's that been working for you?

Or, you can stop spinning your wheels, struggling to gain traction, and focus on list building and selling your own products.

What I'm about to show you is - without question - the easiest and fastest way for anyone, regardless of your experience level, to get in the game.​

If all of that sounds like where you want to be, I urge you to click below and order Get Paid to Build Your List right now at this low introductory price.

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