Take The Guesswork Out of Pleasing Cozy Mystery Readers With This Handy Guide

How to sell more books & gain loyal readers

► Are you interested in writing cozy mysteries but worry about impressing readers?

►Do you wish there was some way to know what cozy mystery readers expect before you write your story?

►Does the idea of selling more books and getting lots of great reviews put a smile on your face?

The fact is, cozy mysteries are a very popular genre. If you write a good story, you stand to sell a lot of books and gain a large following of loyal readers.

But there's a dark side to cozy mystery writing...

Cozy mystery readers are notoriously picky

They expect certain elements in the stories they read. And woe unto him or her who fails! :)

OK, it's not that serious, but it is true that cozy mystery readers are jealous of their genre. They expect authors to write stories that meet certain criteria.

And if those criteria are not met, they won't hesitate to complain in reviews, on reader forums, social media, etc.

What you need if you're planning to write in this lucrative category is foreknowledge.

You need to know before you sit down to tell your mysterious tale what will please readers and what might tick them off.

Hi. Britt here with something I've spent many hours putting together just to help you write better cozy mysteries and sell more books. I know you'll like it!


This is all about what cozy mystery readers love and hate about the books they read. 

I spent many hours going through book reviews, looking at online reader forums, and checking other related sources. I did this mostly boring work so you wouldn't have to.

It's all about giving you what you need to please readers. If you do that, you'll sell more books, get awesome reviews, and build a growing base of happy readers.​

I'll even give you the biggest reader complaint right here on this page...

Lack of "Fair Play" in the stories.

In this report, I tell you which specific issues about fair play bothered readers the most so you can avoid making the same mistake.

You will also learn which of those "writer sins" made unhappy readers stop reading book series and even hate the books that they had already read from that author.

I'll also tell you what readers love and hate about cozy mystery characters, settings, and plots.

This is everything you need to be confident that your cozy mystery will make readers happy. Isn't that the most important thing to you as a writer?

Here are the other topics covered:

  1. Your Sleuth's Brain and Occupation
  2. Setting, Side Characters, and Killers
  3. Romance and Love Interests
  4. Violence, Gore, Sex, etc.
  5. Surprises from Cozy Mystery Readers

This is research explained in easily understood language. Nothing is complicated or boring. It's not a long read.

It's 100% for you to use to make your cozy mysteries better. The only goals are to help you make readers happy, get great reviews, and sell more of your books.​

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