Done For You - I'll Write You a Kindle Book or Info Product - You Pick the Topic (or I Can Do That, Too)!

Perfect Solution for Nonfiction Kindle or Internet Marketers

Have you always wanted your own Kindle book or info product to sell, but haven't even tried doing it yourself because it seems overwhelming?

​Maybe you have tried but came up short or didn't think it was good enough to sell?

What if there were an easy, quick solution that gets you what you want without any of the pressure or second-guessing?​

​Why not let me do it for you?

Hi. Britt here. I've got an offer for you that I rarely make because it's a lot of work for me. But I want you to succeed, so I'm happy to do it. Read this page carefully, but then act fast so you don't miss out!

I know the power of having your own books and products. It's the difference between success and struggling for most people trying to make it online.

When I started making my own stuff to sell instead of just being an affiliate for other people, everything changed for the better in my own business.

It was the most important thing I ever did! I want you to experience the same.

But I know for many people it's too daunting. It's overwhelming and scary to even think about writing your own Kindle book or IM ebook, let alone actually doing it.

Let me take away the work, the stress, the doubts

But I know for many people it's too daunting. It's overwhelming and scary to even think about writing your own Kindle book or IM ebook, let alone actually doing it.

► I'll create a custom Kindle book or info product (ebook) just for you.

► It will be 100% your property with your name on it (or pen name).

► You pick the topic. I'll write it for you exclusively.

► It will not be rehashed junk or PLR.

► I'll write it totally from scratch and just for you.

►How long will it be? 5,000-6,000 words (~30 pages as a PDF).​

If you paid an experienced, excellent ghostwriter to do custom writing of this length and high quality, you would pay at least $400. And that's on the low end. Someone as experienced as I am would normally charge twice that (or more).

I hope that doesn't sound like bragging. It's just a fact that I've been writing a long time and have years of experience in both IM and writing nonfiction books. You'd normally pay dearly to have me create something just for you to put your name on as your own.

As you'll see below, I won't be asking you to pay anywhere near that much, though.

You might be wondering what topics are allowed...

• I can write about anything in Internet Marketing except CPA or paid traffic.

• If you prefer a Kindle nonfiction book, I can create something to impress your readers on just about any topic that isn't too scientific or technical (where I'd need to do hours of research).

If you're not sure about your preference (or don't have one), I can even pick it for you.

All you have to do is order, then contact me and we can discuss the topic. You don't have to know right now.

I'm happy to help you choose a good topic for your product or book if you know you want one but don't have a good idea of what the topic should be. Just ask!

Speaking of ordering, as you can imagine this will take time. I want to create the best possible info product or Kindle book for you, so I can only take on 4 orders at this super-low price (see below).

And the orders will be filled by me in the order I receive them. First come, first served.

It's in your best interests to grab one of the 4 spots right now!

Just scroll down and click the order button at the bottom of this page.

As I mentioned earlier, a conservative estimate of the cost for this kind of thing - if you paid a good writer with years of experience - would be at least $400.

In reality, you'd be hard-pressed to get custom writing work done at this level and this many words for less than $500.

But I really want to see you do well with your own product or Kindle book. Success stories keep me inspired and excited in my own business.

This isn't about making me rich. If it was, I'd ask a lot more for this!

I like to write and I want to help a few people get started on the path to success. This is just the fastest, easiest way for them to do it hands-free and without any of the pressure.

So I'm offering to do this for just $250 for 4 people smart enough (and quick enough) to order!

That should tell you how serious I am about helping you break through and start your own successful journey as an info product creator or Kindle author.

I'm not going to make this a long sales page. The bargain in this should be apparent to you. I don't need to push you to see the value here.

All I'll say again is that you need to make a fast decision. With only 4 openings at the lowest price, this will go fast.

Remember, it's first come, first served - so don't wait!

I will write you a custom 5000-6000 word Kindle book (nonfiction) or ebook info product on the topic of your choice that will be 100% yours to sell as your own. There are only 4 slots available, so act fast!

DFY Ebook

PS - If you just can't get your own book or product finished, or you doubt the quality, this is your answer. I'm happy to do it for you for a very low price. You'll get a top quality product you will be proud to put your name on and sell to impress readers. And you'll get it for much less than comparable ghostwriters charge.