Warning: Do Not Read This Unless You Seriously Want to Make More Money from Your Products.

→ Do you struggle to come up with more than ONE big product idea in your niche?

→ Are you disappointed in your lack of repeat buyers?

→ Do you feel like you're rehashing the same ideas over and over?

I had the same problems - until I found the answer...

Hi! Britt here. I'd heard people talk about creating product series for a long time. I'd even thought I could do one of my own... someday. I figured it was something that I could always do later.

Meanwhile, I just kept putting out the same old products in whatever topic I happened to have an idea about that week.

I had loyal subscribers, but they didn't buy all of my new products.

When one of my products sold well to my list, I tried to figure out why.

I didn't want to just duplicate my old products. I didn't want to be one of those redundant product creators who never puts out anything new.

Instead, I tried to think of products that my buyers might like in different niches. I was all over the map, which often led to even fewer sales.

Something had to change.

One day when I was buying a product from someone else, it FINALLY hit me - I wasn't giving my customers what they wanted!

I either covered the same information more than once, or went in a completely different direction.

Every time I created a new product, it was like I was starting all over again with my past buyers.

I was trying to sell to them from scratch on some new topic. It was like beating my head against a wall.

I was looking for some complex reason why they weren't buying, but the simple answer was staring me right in the face all along!

They wanted new information directly related to the topic of the product they bought. I was trying to draw them away from that topic. Of course my sales suffered!

​I realized then what all those people were talking about when they said I needed to have product series.

You want repeat buyers, more products, more sales.
YOU NEED A SERIES. I can help you start one.


In Divide and Conquer, I will tell you how to divide your topic into a series and conquer your niche.

►You'll know more about every topic - less research, faster writing.
►You'll establish yourself as an expert, which will give you more loyal readers.

Writing a series is actually FASTER and EASIER than writing e-books on completely separate topics.

Every topic can be divided into some kind of series.

I'm going to show you 8 easy ways to divide your niche or topic.

I'm even going to give you 14 e-book ideas that can be used in any series.

If you already have an e-book, you can use those ideas to build a series around it.

I even give you multiple examples to make it easier for you to start your e-book series.

You can even use the series ideas in Divide and Conquer to create:

  • Video series that will help you get more exposure on Udemy and other sites.
  • E-books that can be given away to help build subscriber lists.
  • Lots of blog entries that will actually relate to your products.
  • Directly-related Upsells for your product funnels to make more money from each buyer.
  • Paid email newsletters that your product buyers will look forward to reading.
  • PLR series products.

Look, there's not really anything wrong with creating big single-serving products in which you try to cover anything and everything about your topic. It might sell, but probably not for as much as you'd want given the time and effort you put into it.

BUT... what then?

Besides the risk of overwhelming your reader with an encyclopedic book, you've given yourself nowhere to go!

You've given your readers everything you have to say on the topic, and you haven't left yourself any future product ideas.

That's why e-book series are the better way to go. And that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do inside Divide and Conquer.

Best of all, for a limited time you can get this from me for just $12.96!

This is a simple, short read that is full of ideas and examples and no fluff.

If you read through Divide and Conquer and put the concepts into action, you'll have tons of ideas for multiple products that are not just rehashings of the same stuff over and over.

You'll get more sales and more repeat buyers.

Click below to learn how to easily DIVIDE your topic into a series to CONQUER your niche. 

Divide and Conquer: Your Ebook Series and More