Want to Get Better Results from The Emails You Send?

Here's what you need...

  • Are you struggling to make money from your list because of low response?
  • ​Do you have trouble knowing what to write in your emails?
  • Do you lose too many subscribers because your emails lack something?

Hi. Britt here with something I'm sure you'll find very useful if you answered 'yes' to any or all of those questions.

Having an email list is one of the big keys to success. But you have to know how and what to write to your subscribers or you won't make enough money.

Writing effective emails is all-important

I messed this up for way too long.

I didn't give enough attention to what I was writing and how I was saying it. So while I was making some money from my list, it wasn't nearly enough.

Something had to change. I had to figure out what to write to my subscribers that would get them to be more trusting of me and more open to what I was promoting.

So I set out to create a checklist - a tipsheet - to help me make sure I was covering all the bases and hitting all the high points to really impress my email readers.

And to get more of them to open my emails. That's obviously very important. If nobody opens your emails, everything else becomes irrelevant. Right?

After creating and testing this tipsheet, I'm happy with it now. And that means I'm ready to share it with you!


Britt's Email Marketing Tipsheet

Inside this handy little sheet, I'll share with you a useful and reusable checklist of things to be sure you cover when writing emails to your list.

It's a quick read and will both save you time and help you be more confident that your emails will produce the results you want.


I'm also including in this package an email writing & marketing tips video!

​This video will help hone your email writing & marketing in a bunch of ways:

  • How to pick the right goals for your emails to get maximum results.
  • What types of content to use to help you reach your goals.
  • Picking between single emails or a series to best get your subscribers to act.
  • The one thing you must focus on to really impress your subscribers.
  • The importance of each section of your email, starting with the subject line.
  • How to set up your lists and manage your subscribers for the best possible targeting of your emails.
  • Tips on proofreading your emails before sending (very important!).

Sound good? I hope so!

Best of all, I'll let you have the Tipsheet + Bonus Video for one very low price... just $7.00!

Here's what you should do right now

1. Decide you're not going to waste another day struggling to write effective emails that get results.

2. Resolve to start writing better emails that your subscribers will love and that will make you more money.

3. Click below and get my Email Tipsheet and Bonus Video right now!

PS - There's no need to continue struggling to make good money from your list. It's all about knowing what to write to your subscribers when you promote your own or other peoples' products. Get your Tipsheet and Video right now and start seeing the success you really want!