How to Get More Traffic from Twitter and Facebook in Just 15 Minutes Daily - Even If Your Niche Is NOT Cute Cats

►Are you struggling to engage your audience on Twitter or Facebook?

​►Could you use more traffic to your fan page or blog, but you don’t want to pay
     for ads?

​►Do you wish your fan page was a buzzing community instead of a few crickets?

Hi! Britt here with something I know you'll love - especially if you struggle getting the most out of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

I know this will help you...

Being successful on social media sites is all about engagement, right?

On Facebook, you want lots of friends and people liking and sharing your content.

On Twitter, you want tons of followers and people clicking the like (heart) button and retweeting your tweets.

When you're an online marketer, though, it's more than just wanting to feel popular and liked.

Your popularity on Facebook and Twitter directly affects your income. It's serious business!

It's about turning friends, shares, likes, and retweets into clicks, sign-ups, and sales.

The more popular you are, the more successful you'll be. Pretty simple proposition, right?

The problem for those of us without big advertising budgets or a staff of people working for us is substantial...

How do we become popular on Facebook and Twitter so we can get all those shares, likes, and retweets when we don't have the resources or manpower to make it happen like the big boys?

The answer: coming up with great content to post and tweet.

If you really study popular posts on Twitter and Facebook, you notice repeating patterns in the content being posted. Patterns that you can exploit for maximum results!

I've done this, and now I'm sharing it with you!


When your Facebook and Twitter content is popular with a few friends and followers, it gets shared. It gets liked. It gets retweeted.

And that's how you go from a handful of friends and followers to a stampede of fans eager to see what you post next.

Content is king on Facebook and Twitter. But it can't be just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill content. People see that all the time and it bores them.

What you must produce is content that grabs attention, makes people laugh, makes people mad, makes people think, inspires people.

Come up with that kind of content to post and tweet, and you'll soon be swamped by the new followers that naturally result.

  • You'll start getting more and more likes, shares, retweets!
  • Your site will get more clicks!
  • You'll get more sign-ups to your email list!
  • Your blog will get more readers!
  • You'll make more sales!

It really is that simple. Honestly!

But how often do you find yourself on Twitter or Facebook staring at this and wondering just what the heck to say?

Inside Social Media Avalanche, you'll learn about the three important types of content that attract engaged, excited people to follow you:

  • Emotional/Inspirational
  • Controversial
  • Curiosity Inspiring

I will take you through each type of content, explain why they work so well, and - most importantly - give you ways to create each for your posts and tweets.

You'll discover some 'tricks of the trade' that will have you cranking out tons of these little power-packed posts in short order.

It's all inside Social Media Avalanche.

By the time you finish this 42-page ebook, you'll be armed with everything you need to start pumping out the kind of social media content that practically forces viewers to like, share, and retweet your stuff!

  • You'll get more engaged friends and followers.
  • You'll get more clicks to your site.
  • You'll finally see what all the fuss is about when people tell you that Facebook and Twitter are great sources of traffic.

And you'll do it all without spending a penny on paid ads or hiring employees to post and tweet for you!

This is seriously eye-opening stuff. It really is. You won't get this kind of in-depth information anywhere else.

It comes down to this...

  • Do you want to master Facebook and Twitter?
  • Do you want lots of engaged, genuinely interested friends and followers?
  • Do you want tons of likes, shares, and retweets?
  • Do you want an onslaught of clicks to your site?
  • Do you want more email list opt-ins?
  • Do you want more blog readers?
  • Do you want more sales?

If you answered 'Yes!' to any of those questions, you need Social Media Avalanche!

If you answered 'Yes!' to ALL of those questions (or even just the majority of them), then you REALLY need Social Media Avalanche!

The good news is that you can get it today for just $9.95!

And it comes with my personal guarantee:

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To succeed on Facebook and Twitter without spending a fortune on ads or paying others to post for you, you just need to learn the right way to create content that will get shared, liked, and retweeted. The easy way!

That kind of engagement will lead to more clicks to your money page, your opt-in page, your blog... wherever you want to send good traffic!

Isn't that what we all want from Facebook and Twitter?

Well, now you can have it - without a big budget or any staff. And all for just $9.95 if you order today.

It's waiting for you right now inside Social Media Avalanche. Get yours now!

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