Don't Worry - Be Happy! How to Write a Happiness Book People Will Remember

Who doesn't want to be happy? After breathing and eating, isn't happiness the most important thing for... well, everyone?

A check of the 'Happiness' category at Amazon Kindle shows that books on that topic are very popular. Makes sense, since we're all on a quest to be happy.

So if so many people are searching for ways to be happier and you can see that happiness books at Amazon are popular, I have a question...

What's stopping you from writing your own happiness book to help them (and cash in at the same time)?​

​►Maybe you've just never thought of it before.
►Maybe you think it's too hard to do.
►Maybe you don't think you're an expert on happiness.

What if I told you writing a happiness book you could sell on Amazon is not difficult at all?

What if I told you such a book can actually be one of the easiest you'll ever write?

What if I told you that you don't need to be an expert - that your own life experiences contain all you need to write a powerful book about happiness?

You'd say, 'Sign me up, Britt! I want to write that book!' - right?

You just need to know how.

And now you will.


How to Write a Happiness Book

This straightforward, experience-based guide is all you need to finish your own happiness book quickly and easily.

Inside this 38-page PDF, I'll show you:

  • Why happiness books are among the easiest to write, regardless of writing experience.
  • Why happiness books sell, and how you can tap into that demand.
  • How to pick a specific happiness topic to write a unique and memorable book.
  • Why personal experiences - not theories - are the key to happiness books that sell.
  • Which tools are best to make the writing faster and easier.
  • How to set deadlines that will get you to a finished book faster than ever before.
  • Why an outline makes all the difference, and how to do a simple, pain-free one in short order.
  • A "secret" about your outline that guarantees you will write a better book from it.
  • Why research is optional, and how to do it quickly to back up what you say from personal experience.

​If you've never considered writing a book about happiness - or you've been afraid because you think you need letters after your name or some other credentials - this is what you need.

  • You don't need to be a "happiness expert."
  • You don't need any kind of special education or degrees.
  • You don't need to have lived an exceptional or even a very happy life.

You just need to know what I will show you inside 'How to Write a Happiness Book.'

Imagine the feeling when you know you've put out a book that will help everyone who reads it.​

As good as that will feel, here's something else...

►You'll actually be happier yourself after writing this book! You'll see why once you read my guide.​

Get your copy of How to Write a Happiness Book now at the lowest price you'll ever see for it. In just a few days, you could have your own book out there selling and spreading happiness!

How to Write a Happiness Book

PS - Happiness is one of the most popular nonfiction categories at Amazon. After all, everyone wants to be happy, right? Grab a copy of my guide and you'll see how easy it can be to write your own happiness book that readers will love. You'll inspire people and make money at the same time. How great is that?