Have any of these questions ever haunted you about Affiliate Marketing?

“Does Anyone Ever (Seriously) Make Any Real Money with Affiliate Marketing?"

"If so, (real people actually make real money) how?”

These two questions are fundamental, aren't they?

I mean...

If nobody really makes money with affiliate marketing, why bother?

And There's More...

One affiliate had a bunch of domains, filled with content... and he only made $105 in earnings for the last three quarters.

"Shall I Give Up?" He Asked

When you're new to something, even small pebbles on the road can make you stumble.

There's so much to learn, and it can be hard to find out all on your own.

And if on top of that you doubt that you'll ever succeed — and that anybody really makes money with affiliate marketing — then it's almost impossible to stay motivated.


Dear affiliate marketer,Britt Malka

My name is Britt Malka, and I started as an affiliate in 1998.

We were still living in Denmark, and one of our American friends told us about this smart way we could get products from Amazon and save 15%.

"Just sign up for their 'Associates Program' and create links for the products you buy."

This was the first time I heard about what we now know as "Affiliate Marketing". (And yes, I have an old Amazon ID that doesn't end in "-20".)

Our friend was an honest man, by the way. He just knew as little about affiliate marketing as I did.

Neither of us knew that it was a big no-no to use your own affiliate links on Amazon.

So I Created a Danish Page with Amazon Links and Made Zero Income

Not Gibberish — Danish

I blamed the lacking income on the Danish visitors, who weren't ready to buy from an online store in the US yet.

I still had a lot to learn.

But Besides Amazon Where Do You Go to Get Products to Promote?

We all know that Amazon can be trusted... but where else should you go?

This is a question one of my subscribers asked me:

 “What are the top five sites (product quality, initial pay, residual pay, and integrity) to obtain products for affiliate marketing?”

Whom can you trust?

And is this the real question to ask, by the way? (Hint: There might be a better one...)

When It Comes to Affiliate Marketing There's ONE Thing You Must Have





Copywriting abilities?

Sure, some of the above would be handy, but that's not what I'm thinking of here.

One of my subscribers nailed it with his question:

“I know that building an email list is the number one priority in online marketing. But in order to build that list you need traffic. I have found that free traffic is very hard to find and harder still to control. So, what is the best site(s) for paid traffic that are fast, scalable, and consistent?”

So many good questions. But above all, this haunting question:

"Shall I Give Up?"

No, don't give up.

Affiliate marketing works.

Real people, not just gurus, make money with affiliate marketing every day. Some of us even make a living that way.


"Three Haunting
Affiliate Marketing Question"

The answers might surprise you...

In this book you'll get my answers to the three haunting questions about Affiliate Marketing.

The replies derive from my experience as an affiliate marketer, and even though I'm not one of the gurus, I've been making my living online since 2001.

I quit my day-job in 1995 so for more than 20 years I've been used to creating my own income.

So I've been through my share of struggle to make it online — especially since you couldn't get info products back when I started.

"Three Haunting Affiliate Marketing Questions" is jam-packed with info and good advice. Inside this 21-page PDF report you'll discover:

  • How most people think affiliate marketing works and why this is the wrong approach. (Page 4)
  • Why review sites only work if you get this one thing right. (Page 5)
  • The secret successful affiliate marketers share. (Page 6)
  • How the BEST way to get traffic to build a list can be free if you do it THIS way. (Page 8)
  • The fatal mistake most beginners commit when they want to make as much money as possible. (Page 8)
  • One of my favorite traffic methods and how you can use it to send you targeted buyers. (Page 9)
  • The simple thing you MUST know to make it in the business. (Page 10)
  • Why asking, "where do I find products to promote?" is the wrong approach. (Page 12)
  • If you could spend 5 minutes and make $16,000, would you do it? And why your answer should be "no". (Page 13)
  • One thing you always MUST do before you promote a product. (Page 14)
  • The ONLY way you should write to make a sale (this might surprise you). (Page 14)
  • Get this simple and easy method right (Page 15) and it can mean the difference between making nothing or making a living online.
  • The steps you should follow to finally succeed at affiliate marketing. (Page 17)

Your Awesome Bonuses

Crazy Cheap Auto-Responder

If you want to start out cheaper than with the usual big auto-responder services, you'll love this book. For little money, or even for free, you can have your own auto-responder up and running.

How to Make Your Own URL Shortener

When you link to products in mails, it looks much better to have your own URLs than if you use long affiliate links or if you use Bit.ly. Link changed by vendor afterwards? No problem, you just change it in your URL shortener as well.

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Three Haunting Affiliate Marketing Questions

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How to Make Your Own URL Shortener

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