My Best Tricks to Stay Focused and Get More Done Working from Home

► Do you need to get something important done right now - no time to waste?

► Are you looking for quick solutions that don't cost money or take too much time to learn?

► Do you struggle with getting started, then keeping your focus as you work?

Hi. Britt here.

If you're anything like me, your answer to those questions was a resounding 'Yes!'

In fact, a couple of months ago, I fell into a slump.

Despite all of my hard-won new habits that have made this my most productive year ever, I fell behind on several projects.

I couldn't seem to focus as well as I had in the past. I lost interest in a lot of my different topics. I had a million explanations and justifications.

But none of them made me work. And the work had to be done. No excuses!

So I did what I do when I want solutions...

I did some research. Then I tried some things.

I tested. I tinkered. It's what I do. :)

I already knew about many long-term habits that work to keep you going once you've begun. Those are out there everywhere.

But this time I needed something to help me START.

What I needed were short-term answers that would put me in my chair, focus my mind on my topics, and put my fingers on the keyboard.

As I dug into this problem, I became annoyed by how many people look down on short-term productivity fixes. Gurus act like it's blasphemy to talk about anything but long-term strategies. In forums and blogs, commenters wrote off tips without even trying them.

People even completely disregarded studies where participants reported positive results. That's nuts!

I was determined to get back into my groove. More importantly, I HAD to get things going again. My livelihood depended on it!

So I read with an open mind. Most of all, I experimented. I tried things that had worked for me in the past. I tried new things I'd discovered as I researched.

And, as always, I took lots of notes on what worked and what didn't. That's what I'm offering you today. I like to share what I find that works.

Introducing my...

This is for people working at home who:

  • Are in a slump
  • Seem to be having more bad days than good
  • Have trouble doing anything productive
  • Can't seem to sit down to work
  • Can't stay sitting down for long
  • Are getting distracted
  • Are losing interest in different projects
  • Need ways to stay awake, remain alert, or be able to focus

In the past, I've shared habits and long-term strategies for building foundations to be successful on your own.

This is for people who are having trouble getting started or that lack enough motivation to implement a plan.

You know how health-conscious people say that a candy bar is only good for a quick burst of energy?

That's what I'm sharing here. All the ways that work for a quick burst of work.

Sure, some of these methods were only sufficient to help me work for just a day or two. But sometimes when you're desperate to get anything done or finish a specific product quickly when you've been putting it off for too long, that's enough.

Best of all, almost any of these short-term tricks will work for you TODAY!

Long-term solutions are great, but they usually come with delayed results. For those of you who are sorely in need of a small success right away, at least a few of these tips should be able to help you make immediate progress.

And, of course, some of these fixes can become long-term strategies.

Everything here is something I've personally tried. And they've all helped me for at least one 25-minute work session. A number of them are good for multiple sessions. I tell you which ones and how they worked for me.

Each idea contains:

  • Action Steps
  • Time/Money Required (almost all are free, but some options include minimal investments)
  • How Long They Helped – how many 25-minute (or more) work sessions I got out of the tip
  • Long-Term Potential – I talk about whether or not the short-term trick can be added to a daily routine for long-term results. I'm honest about which ones won't really work, which ones are easy to add, and which ones I had difficulty maintaining for longer periods of time.

And it doesn't matter if you work from home full-time or just work from home on the weekends (or whenever) when you're away from your job.

This will help you - whatever your situation happens to be!

What's included:

►41-page main guide (PDF)

►13 separate tracking sheets for each of the strategies I recommend

►Handy *cheatsheet for quick reference to keep you on track​ and motivated

*Use the cheatsheet to figure out which tracking sheets to use based on which of the four problems you're having trouble with:

1. You can't sit down to work
2. You can't stay in your chair long enough
3. You're easily distracted while working
4. You're losing interest in your project

I focused on free or very cheap solutions here. While there are more expensive options that exist like paying a supervisor, peer groups, and motivational coaching, I left all of that out.

I didn't feel comfortable recommending anything that I didn't try myself to see how successful it was.

You get all of the good stuff and none of the things I tried that did not work.

And that's what this is really all about... getting you to the useful things that will really help, while avoiding the time-wasting ideas that were flops.

So, if you struggle at all with getting and staying focused while you work at home, this will definitely help you overcome the obstacles.

It does not matter what kind of work you do. All of my tricks for quick action and mental focus will work for any type of work you do at home: writing, internet marketing, etc.

Grab your copy right now and see improvements immediately - not tomorrow... not next month... RIGHT NOW!

Work From Home Rescue Kit  IM

PS - If you find yourself stuck because you can't focus or have lost your motivation and interest in what you're doing, this is exactly what you need to get back on track! Not in a week. Not "sometime soon." This will help you right now - today!