Are You Tired of Getting Stuck
While Writing Kindle Books?
That Ends Today!

►Do you get annoyed by the constant stops-and-starts while trying to write?

►Do you wish there was a simple and immediate solution to the nagging things that slow you down while writing?

►Are you ready to write faster and finish more books?

I know exactly how you feel! I was sick and tired of all of that, too, so I set out to come up with a solution to many of the common writing obstacles.

And that's exactly what I did. Now I'm ready to share it with you.​


In a nutshell, Quick Fixes for Kindle Writers gives you simple solutions to common writing headaches.

How many times have you gotten stuck on some minor part of a story or discovered a big plot hole and ended up not writing the book out of sheer frustration?

While writing, I noticed that I kept hitting the same road blocks over and over.

The problem itself wasn't so hard to fix. But there were too many times when a simple search to fix a small (or major) problem in my story turned into:

  • Distracting, time-wasting tangents
  • Procrastination
  • Obsessing over the problem until I got frustrated, gave up, and the story ended up dying a slow death on my hard drive.

So I started making lists of common problems I came up against while writing.

There are some that are common for specific genres, and others that I found I used quite often, regardless of genre.

These aren't really huge revelations or anything. I'm giving you names, statistics, and possibilities for your stories. You'll find they come in handy when you hit stumbling blocks while writing.

You can focus on the main parts of your story by quickly filling in what isn't that important (but is necessary).


√ Let's say that you are writing a SciFi Romance story where there's time travel involved.

The focus of your particular story is the romance part. You don't really want to go down the rabbit hole of scientific explanations behind the time travel part of your story.

No problem - I have a list for methods of time travel that the brilliant people think might one day be possible. Pick one and move on.

√ Are you stuck on how the murderer killed the victim? I have a list that gives you actual homicide methods (from crime statistics) and another that gives you other more interesting possibilities.

√ Do you hate writing the "get to know you" parts of romances? I have a list for ways to speed that up a bit.

√ Names were a big time-waster for me, so I have a lot of first name lists - popular, least popular (perfect for more unique characters), and names by decade to fit people with when they were born - AND for historical fiction.

√ Why is your Young Adult character being bullied? There's a list.

√ What disease did your genius character cure that hasn't already been cured? There are 2 lists, just in case you need to give a character a rare disease that can't be cured.

√ How does your villain allow the hero to get away? Yep, there's a list.

√ Superpowers, alien invasions, villain motivations, how your character met the love interest... all there.

Here's what you get:

21 lists of over 200 possibilities to solve problems in your story. I like to call them story progression shortcuts.

There are also 17 lists of names (10-20 each) for those of you who are like me and get stuck on character names as you're writing.

Along with the usual PDF, I'm including an Open Office document, as well as a Spreadsheet document. That way, you can add to and organize your list to make it your own.

You can also get inspiration for new story ideas by reading through the lists, but they're mostly for being able to quickly get over some obstacle to finish your book.

     ►How many partially-written books are on your hard drive right now?
     ►How many of them are sitting there because you hit a stumbling block in your

Quick Fixes can help you figure out elements of your characters' back stories, iron out plot details, and help you fill in plot holes.

When you're stumped, simply look over your Quick Fixes lists.

The bottom line: Quick fixes will help you finish your books!

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Quick Fixes for Kindle Writers

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