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Writing is my first love. It has been for many years now. 

I'm passionate about it. I'm constantly seeking out new ideas, concepts, and ways to improve.

If you didn't already know this about me, I'm also a tester. I love trying new things to see if they work for me. Even when they don't, I usually learn something valuable.

And I'm always looking at what great writers say about the craft of writing (including research, outlining, and editing, which are very important).

So I've decided to start a monthly newsletter devoted to these key aspects of nonfiction writing.

I call it my...

Malka Writing Newsletter - Nonfiction Edition

I know - not the catchiest title ever. But it's very descriptive!

More importantly, inside every monthly volume, my sole focus will be on helping you become a better nonfiction writer.​

Each month, you'll get my writing process observations and experiences, as well as insights I find from other writers.

This is not your run-of-the-mill 'blah' newsletter!​

Every issue will cover these important areas:

► Book Topics
► Outlines
► Writing
► Editing

I want to stress that my only purpose with this newsletter is to help YOU become a better nonfiction writer.

Sound good?

How about if I told you it only costs $9/month?

Now it sounds great! :)​

You'll get each volume in PDF format, so you can download and even print it out for handy access as you write.

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Malka Writing Newsletter

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