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►Have you always been a fan of Regency Era fiction by authors like Jane Austen and wished you could write something similar?

►Have you noticed lots of Regency fiction on bestseller lists and know there's real money to be made as a Regency Era author?

►Have you avoided writing a Regency Romance because you're afraid you don't know enough about that era?

►Does the idea of spending hour after grueling hour doing tedious Regency Era research keep you from even getting started?

►Are you worried that your story will have mistakes that readers who are experts about that time will pick apart in book reviews?

You are definitely not alone!

Hi! Britt here. I got my start writing non-fiction, which I did for a long time. I had also, of course, been an avid reader of fiction all my life. When my children were young, I even wrote a few fiction books (in Danish) based on stories I made up for them.

So, when I decided to start writing Kindle fiction, I was confident that I could do it.

After all, I had some good stories, I had written plenty of non-fiction, and I'm a good researcher.

So, I researched other books that covered both the time and the setting that were relevant to my own book idea.

I quickly discovered that I had NO idea what I was up against!

I was completely surprised by some of the ugly reviews some of these books had gotten. That's when I started reading about the experiences of many historical fiction writers.

When you add an historical element to fiction, you attract a lot of new readers. People are fascinated with different time periods in history.

And that reader awareness presents some problems for new historical fiction writers:

• Your readers might know more about your time period than you do.
• They might have read more fiction that takes place during that era.
• They might have read non-fiction about that era, too.
• They might have saved every History Channel program even remotely related to that period.

It can be intimidating. It's the main thing that keeps good writers with good story ideas from writing historical fiction.

But those readers weren't born with the information. People born in 1980 don't come into the world understanding the plight of a girl in Jane Austen's time.

There's no reason why you can't learn about that time, too. And you don't have to be an expert on every single thing during that time period.

You only have to know enough to tell your story.

That's hugely important, so I'm going to say that again...

You only have to know enough to tell your story.

Even if you write a time-traveler story, where someone from the present time visits some other era, they will only be exposed to so much during the course of your book. They won't experience everything from that era.

Even if you DID know every trivial fact about that time period, if you put everything you know into your book, it would be remarkably boring (and really long).

That's if you ever even finished writing it. You probably wouldn't.

So, I decided to learn the things that I would need to know to tell a good number of stories in just one period: the Regency Era.

Why that time? Because it's an interesting period in history, but also because it's one of the most lucrative categories in historical fiction.

Historical fiction sells!

If you didn't already know this, now you do. It really really sells!

And Regency Era fiction, in particular, is one of the most sought after by readers.

Regency Era fiction readers are incredibly loyal, too. That's great news for you as an author of such stories.

Once you make even a minor name for yourself, readers will line up to buy your next offering... over and over again.

So, I set out to learn just enough about that period to write a competent and interesting story. I didn't need to know enough to write a history textbook covering every last detail of every year throughout the entire period.

After doing this research, it dawned on me that I could share it with others interested in writing Regency fiction, saving them all the time and effort I'd already spent.

And that's exactly why you're here!


Inside Painless Historial Fiction: Regency Era, you get 80 pages of period-specific info, details, and important historical events.

The entire purpose is to give you a clear understanding of life in the Regency Era so that you can write a work of fiction that impresses readers and is free of embarrassing mistakes.

There's a lot here, but it's not too much. What I mean is, I know you're not writing a history class textbook. You're writing a work of fiction that you want readers to enjoy and find entertaining.

So I give you what's important to know, but skip all the mind-numbing tiny details you'd never need anyway.

Here's what you'll find inside Painless Historical Fiction: Regency Era

Royalty of the time - Including intrigues and how the public viewed them.

Women - Overview - Overall issues facing females at this time. They are a major focus of this era
because of the unique challenges and obstacles they faced.

Inheritances - How lands, titles, and money passed in this era.

Historical Timeline - Major events and literature of this era.

The Poor - The challenges they faced and how their lives were different in this era than in
later ones.

Poor & Working Class Timeline - The major historical events impacting the lives of the poor and working classes during this era.

Women Timeline - The major milestones affecting females at this time in England.

Married Women's Rights - The rights and legal issues facing married women in this era.

Marriage & Courtship - Societal rules and class issues surrounding marriage and courtship in this era, including jilting and proposal refusals.

The London Season - The importance of being in London at certain times of the year, especially for young women and eligible young men.

Titles - A layout of the basic titles and peerage hierarchy for the various classes and
military in Regency Era England.

Transportation - A breakdown of the various means of conveyance common at this time, including which were most likely to be used by various classes and ages.

Women's Clothing & Hairstyles (and Hats) - A breakdown of the popular clothes and hairstyles of the day (hats, too), including which classes wore what. There are a lot of important daily life details here!

Men's Fashion - What men wore was also very important in this era. I give you the important
details you'll need for your book.

Hygiene - What people did (and didn't do) in this era to keep clean might surprise you.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - A basic breakdown of the make-up and body beautification practices of the day.

Food - Everybody had to eat then, just like now! Find out what they ate (and when).

Hobbies/Sports - What were the common entertainments and sporting activities of this era?
Leisure was important for the wealthier classes. Find out what they did.

Crime & Law Enforcement - There's always crime, regardless of the era. Get the details on what was done and how the law was enforced and criminals apprehended.

Regency Vocabulary - I've compiled a handy list of common era-specific words and phrases to make your writing easier and more authentic.

I've also included a 'Bottom Line for Writers' portion at the end of each section to give you a kind of cheat sheet (short version) distilling all the main points.

The reviews are in, and people are loving this! Check out what some happy readers have to say:

This report is easily the best all-around Regency reference I've seen for anyone who'd like to write stories set in the early 19th century. You've summarized key elements that make the Regency different from Georgian times and the Victorian Era.

Even better, you've kept this simple with each "Bottom Line for Writers" section related to everyday life of both the English upper and working classes.

Regency fiction has a particular style and context unlike any other. It's not just Jane Austen, London Seasons, and trips to Bath. The wit, social calendar, and manners of that world were extreme and structured. If an author gets it wrong, Pemberley enthusiasts -- including me -- will shriek in horror and post terrible reviews. Your report can prevent that.

This report covers the basics every aspiring Regency author must know to succeed. It's a complete foundation for anyone writing novellas and short reads. For authors working on novels and multi-volume Regency series, you've explained diverse (and important) topics with clear pointers for additional, genre-specific research.

I read Regency novels daily. I own at least a dozen Regency reference books, plus two full notebooks of related, printed articles.

Your full report -- all 82 pages -- is getting its own notebook. On the first read-through, I was already taking notes for future Regency plot twists. Even with my background in Regencies, your "bottom line..." sections highlighted some innovative story ideas that had never occurred to me.

Thank you!

Eibhlin MacIntosh

Quickly scanned the PDF, this is the perfect info I needed to get started with historical fiction. I'm looking forward to the workshop, I know it's going to be great!

Lisa Huemer 

I LOVE your research on Regency Romance...I've always wanted to write a Regency romance but didn't quite know how to go about it. This research is thorough and really helped to get me going on the right track. Thank you!

Theresa Oliver

Everything I've included has one purpose: to make it as easy as possible for you to write a great Regency Era book without all the tedious research usually required.

Sure, you could do it yourself. Just be aware that I'm a very good researcher and this took me a long time to put together. I'm talking about many hours over several days.

Or, you could pay a researcher to do it for you. That's certainly a viable option. There are many competent researchers for hire online. Something of this scale will run you several hundred dollars, easily. And you're likely to get a lot of extraneous information you don't really need.

Why not skip those alternatives? There's no need for you to spend hours on boring legwork. There's no need for you to pay someone hundreds to do it for you.

It's already done!

I know you want to write a great historical fiction book from the Regency Era.

It's a HOT category!

►There's a ton of money to be made!
►Regency readers are incredibly loyal!
►They can't wait for the next book to come out so they can BUY IT!

I know what's been holding you back. It's fear.

It's scary to think about writing a work of fiction about a totally different time, especially when readers are knowledgeable.

You won't get far if you don't have the necessary information about that period of time at your fingertips.

You need to be totally confident that you'll get it right. And now you will!

But it's a lot to digest, no doubt about it. So I'm including INSTANT ACCESS to my 5-day workshop to help you get started writing your own Regency Era book right away.

►This is for you if you know you need an extra push and some more personal guidance than you'll get from an ebook only.

►This is for you if you're tired of reading ebooks and not doing anything with the info you learned from them.

►This is for you if you want to look back in a week or two and see a finished work of fiction, ready to post to Amazon and make you some money!

►This is for you if you want some cool bonuses that only workshop participants will get! [See below for details]

The workshop will be presented on a blog as text, with a questions/comments area at the end of each day's material so everyone can benefit from the answers.

There will be no video or webinar material.​

All workshop material will be available 24/7, so you can access it whenever it's convenient for you.

You DO NOT have to attend anything "live" or change your schedule in any way.

You'll have the opportunity in this workshop to ask any questions that come up and get a quick reply - right there in the workshop post.

Sound good? No - it's great! :)

I know you'll really love it!​

 Here's what we'll cover each day of this workshop:

Day 1:
   ►What Your Readers Expect
   ►Real Life Stories – Inspiration for Romance and Crime
   ►The 'Hasn't Happened Yet' Timeline – Handy for Time Travelers & Avoiding
        Mistakes [BONUS MATERIAL!]

Day 2:
   ►'Marrying Up' Love Triangle Plot (with Variations) [BONUS MATERIAL!]

Day 3:
   ►Regency Romance Chapter-by-Chapter Template [BONUS MATERIAL!]

Day 4:
   ►More in-depth dialogue
   ►Agendas and polite insults
   ►More jargon, slang, and vocabulary

Day 5:
   ►Differences between modern stories and Regency stories
   ►How to adapt modern plots to regency
   ►The conveniences of the Regency Era for modern plot issues – 'Insta-love,'

This is exactly what you need if you have a history of
learning new things but not acting on them.

We've all been there. You're not alone!

This workshop is the cure. Commit to taking action this time.

Don't worry that you don't have enough experience or aren't a good enough writer. None of that matters for this!

  As you saw, there are three excellent & exclusive BONUSES:

​1. The 'Hasn't Happened Yet' Timeline.
2. 'Marrying Up' Love Triangle Plot.
3. Regency Romance Chapter-by-Chapter Template.

►You'll be getting a helpful timeline of when important things happened or were invented, so you can avoid mistakes other writers often make that are very embarrassing when readers point them out.​ This will help you avoid poor reviews, which can kill your book sales!

►You'll also get a Regency Romance plot and instructions on how to modify it for your own unique work of fiction. Again, this is an exclusive bonus only for workshop participants!

►And you'll also receive a chapter-by-chapter writing template to help you write your books faster and more expertly. This bonus alone is worth more than the cost of the workshop!

Normally, you would pay $297.97, but until the timer hits zero, you get both the Regency Era ebook AND instant access to the 5-Day Workshop for 87% off!


Regency Era Workshop and Painless Fiction