Attention all aspiring product creators...

"If You've Got 1-2 Hours per Day, I Can Help You Make a Great Product Your Customers Will Love"

​What would creating and selling your own products mean to you?

For a lot of people it means success, independence, and also ... stress!

Yes, stress.

So much doubt creeps in when you're trying to make your first product. The anxiety of not knowing exactly how to get everything done can be crippling. The stress stops many in their tracks. They never finish their products.

And yet, that's not always the case. Some do break through and finish products, launch them, and sell lots of copies.

What's the difference between those people and all the rest who let the stress kill their dreams?​

How is it that some overcome the doubts and questions and finish what they've started, while others give up?

Hi, Britt Malka here, and I have good news for you.

Making products that sell doesn't have to give you an ulcer or make you start seeing a shrink!

All you need is good guidance from someone who has 'been there, done that' and has the t-shirt to prove it.

Maybe You've Already Tried Creating Products, But Gave Up in Disgust

Have you ever had what you thought was a really great idea for an ebook or video product, but then never even started to create it?

Or maybe you had the idea, started out excited and confident, but got stuck somewhere between page one and "the end".​

It could also be that as you got started and some time passed, doubt crept in and you began to feel that your idea was dumb or boring and would not sell...

It doesn't matter which one of the reasons it was - the result was the same.

You never got your product finished and out there where it could do some good.​

That was me a few years ago...

That happened to me.

I used to get lots of ideas I felt sure would make great products. My excitement was sky-high at first.

I would think to myself, 'This is it! This time I will finish a product and finally start making some real money online and build a big email list!'

But each time, the passion wore off pretty quickly and all the confidence I started out with waned. And I had no idea why.

Sound familiar?​

After going through that cycle a few times, I finally decided I'd had enough.

I vowed that I would grit my teeth and see a project through to completion - come hell or high water!

But I knew some things had to change before I could obtain that goal.

  • I needed a way to come up with ideas for products I could make fast and easily.
  • I needed a structure to create a product quickly and without having to re-invent the wheel each time.
  • I needed a way to make sure I didn't start second-guessing and doubting myself.
  • I needed a method that all but guaranteed that the products weren't boring and would sell every single time.

It Took Me Several Tries...

But then I nailed it!

I came up with a method and a repeatable structure that was exactly what I'd been looking for.​

No more doubts. No more second-guessing. No more fading enthusiasm.

Just a simple, structured, 'do this, then do that' way to create products I could be proud of - and that would sell.​

And I've put it together inside a new ebook so you can do exactly what I do every time I create a product. I call it...

Product Creation Demystified

The Partridge Method

The ebook contains everything you need to come up with the idea, create a solid plan, and finish your product.

Once you see this and absorb the information, it will only take you one to two hours per day to be well on your way to a completed product.​

And then you can do it again. :)

And that's obviously so you can come up with more than one product. After all, what makes you more money and builds you a bigger list - one product or a whole bunch of them?

Well, now you'll be able to get your first one out there, then go right back, follow the same structure and method, and get your 2nd done... then your 3rd... as many as you want!

What's Inside?

You're wondering right now what's inside that book I'm showing you above, so let me tell you a little more about it.

You'll discover:

  • How creating a product is like making fine wine. Really!
  • Why creating a good outline is the key to faster products and less stress - and exactly how to do it.
  • The 4 types of products that give you the best chance at success - and how to pick one.
  • The 4 Questions to ask when creating products to make everything clearer and more helpful to your customers.
  • How to create products faster and without getting in your own way by separating 2 important parts of the process.

When to Start?

The best moment to start is right now.

You can't sell what you haven't created. Get your copy of Product Creation Demystified right now and you could have a product of your own in just a few days!

How many can you make before the year ends? More than you think.

And the more, the merrier. :)

And you can do that when you follow the simple, repeatable, stress-free way you'll find inside Product Creation Demystified. With this in hand, you can skyrocket your chances of earning a nice payday with every product you make.​

Imagine this...

What if you had several products out there selling and helping people?

What if you had a growing email list of customers you could make even more money from as an affiliate and selling your future products?

What if you could quit your job or expand your business or spend more leisure time with your family and friends?

Do you think your life would be better?

I think so. In fact, I know so! It happened to me.

If you allow me to help you, that next person "making it" as a product creator could be you.

Hold On... How About a Bonus?

What if you had an endless supply of ideas for products and books to create and sell?

I'm talking boatloads of ideas! Your head will spin with the possibilities.

That's what you get with my special bonus report. It's called...

You need ways to come up with ideas fast, and Idea Factory will help you with that.

Inside this special bonus report, you'll discover several methods for finding ideas. Use the ones you prefer to help you on your product creation journey, and never run out of ideas.

You get 9 simple and fun ways to come up with ideas for writing (can help with video and audio product ideas, too).

What Do You Do Now?

This is your big chance. Grab Product Creation Demystified and the bonus report, Idea Factory, right now. Click the buy button below, and a few seconds from now you could be on your way to success.​

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Product Creation Demystified

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you really afford to keep going the way you've been doing things?

Or would you rather get on board the product creation train and see increased earnings, happier customers, and a big email list?

Decide right now - this very moment - that nothing will hold you back from reaching your goal.​

Commit to this path. Then there's only one thing left to do.

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Product Creation Demystified

Happy Creating,

Britt Malka

PS - There's no reason to keep struggling, feeling stressed and guilty over not making your own products to sell. I've been there, so I know how much it drags you down. This is the solution!

PPS - It's always best to learn from those who have done what you want to do. I've made and sold dozens of products over the last few years. What I show you in Product Creation Demystified and the bonus report, Idea Factory, is what I do myself that works and makes me money. Join me!