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How awesome that you picked up my Cat Quiz PLR package.

"You Want Cream with That?"

Yeah, I know.

The usual question is about fries, but cats don't eat fries, do they?

And milk isn't good for them.

Britt Malka

Here's something that's good for you.

I thought... what more does a cat blogger need for his blog?

  • How about a review that converts of a cat related product?
  • How about articles about topics people search for?

I liked those ideas... So I got to work.

First, I Found a Converting Product

I went to Clickbank and found that the product Cat Spraying No More looked good and also converted well.

Next, I Checked What Real People Were Searching For

I allowed Google itself to give me examples of what people were searching for.

What do cat owners really want to know?

I found that the following questions were popular:

  • can a cat drink coffee?
  • should a cat be kept indoors?
  • does my cat need a cat tree?
  • can you train a cat?
  • can you teach a cat to walk on a leash?

I've had cats since I was 19, so I used my own experience for most of these articles, plus the research I was able to do about things like drinking coffee.

All that knowledge ended up in this upgrade.

This PLR Upgrade Contains...


Review of info product "Cat Spraying No More" from Clickbank (1183 words)

Article: Can a Cat Drink Coffee (660 words)

Article: Should a Cat Be Kept Indoors (883 words)

Article: Does My Cat Need a Cat Tree (819 words)

Article: Can You Train a Cat (656 words)

Article: Can You Teach a Cat to Walk On a Leash (1001 words)

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