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"How to Create Your First Info Product in Less Than a Week Without Getting Overwhelmed Even If You Have Never Created One Before"

Do you dream about creating an online business but don’t know how to start?

Do you believe that you need to be an expert to create a course or eBook?

Do you feel the urge to help others, but you don’t know what you know that could be of help?

Britt Malka

Hi, I’m Britt Malka, and I used to be in your shoes.

English isn’t even my first (or second) language, and I didn’t believe that the kind of experience or knowledge I had could help anyone.

The Struggle Is Real

All my life, I’ve dreamed about writing books.

But it was always “one day…”

One day, when I knew more.

One day, when I had a bigger computer.

One day, when I felt more confident.

I had ideas… but I felt that everybody probably knew about them already.

Besides, it wouldn’t be enough for a course or eBook, would it?

I sat on those ideas the same way you probably sit on yours, because you don’t feel worthy of sharing them.

Not good enough to help others.

It wasn’t until a mentor told me that my ideas were fine and that “good enough was good enough” that I started.

Still, having ADHD, I struggled.

It was overwhelming.

Where to start? Where to go next? And where to end?

It felt as if a hundred fuses had sprung in my head, and the knot in my stomach was thicker than the Gordian Knot and just as impossible to cut through.

It took me years of trial and error to come up with a system that allowed me to be productive.

And create all the info products I wanted when I wanted.

Without feeling overwhelmed.


Create Your First Info ProductCover

Creating info products... all I wanted, when I wanted... Without feeling overwhelmed.

That’s the method I share inside Create Your First Info Product so that you don’t have to go through the same struggle I did.

Who Is This Best For?

Marketers who want to create their first product.

  • The two ways most people use to approach the task. I offer an alternative method that will make it a pleasant experience that will make you feel good and have your product created in no time. (Page 4)
  • What you should start with before you even think about creating a product. It will save you time, effort and energy. (Page 5)
  • How to find your niche, step by step, so you won’t waste time but can dive right in and make money as fast as possible. (Page 6)
  • Where to find ideas the easy way. This will also tell you whether and idea will sell or not. (Page 7)
  • How to do quick research for your content so that you’ll know exactly what your audience wants. (Page 13)
  • Your worst enemy is yourself. Here’s how you can overcome fear and procrastination before you even start creating. (Page 21)
  • How embracing your fear makes you a better entrepreneur and product creator. (Page 23)
  • Step by step, how you create your own info product. (Page 31)
  • When you want to improve… How to add depth to your content. (Page 39)
  • Powerful storytelling… why it’s good to add it, what to do and what NOT to do. (Page 41)
  • Your opinions… yay or nay? Read this so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises. (Page 44)
  • How you can start pulling traffic to your offer so you can increase the sales. (Page 47)
  • A final piece of advice that will help you create your products. (Page 55) (time: 23:44 left)

You Have a Choice...

You can figure this out on your own. For sure. Just be prepared that it will take much longer and that you’ll fail more. So it’s a question whether it’s worth it or not?

Would you prefer to spend the time and energy creating products that may or may not sell or to pay a tiny amount of money to get a blueprint from an experienced info product creator? And do it the right way?

For the price of four Big Mac menus, but a lot healthier, you can get started on a business you can run for the rest of your life.

A healthy and strong business built on solid ground.

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Click the button below to get instant access—even at 3 am.

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