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Are you tired of buying the same calendar printables that everybody else is selling?

"How to Create Your Own Unique and Cute Calendar Printables without Buying PLR..."


"...Even If You've NEVER Done It Before"

Sorry for the funny face...

That's just me, Britt Malka, going, "Yeah, right!"

How am I supposed to make cute calendar printables with the tools I have available?

Like PowerPoint or Canva?

No way.

Would you use a meat mallet to hang up shelves on the wall?

Probably not, when the right tool would be an electric drill.

If you haven't even considered making your own calendar printables, I can't blame you.

Still... You've probably found it annoying that the PLR versions you buy are completely the same as everybody else's.

Sure, you can make minor changes, but they never really become your calendars.

You can't leave your unique signature on it.

Instead, You Should Approach It From a Different Angle

There's a reason why I use Affinity Publisher.

When it comes to creating printables, the best, most fit, and the fastest tool is Affinity Publisher.

If you don't have it already, you can download and try it out for free.

I promise you: you're going to love it!

And even if you're brand new to it, I can help you.

Can This Really Make a Difference?

Yes, it can.

It may surprise you, but the right tool, learned correctly, can mean that you can create templates you can use an unlimited number of times.

For example...

If you first make a monthly calendar with a white background...

You can use it again with a nice frame.

And another frame. And another.

Or you can add pictures to the corners. Or to the background.

You can change the theme. The font. Or the text size.

You can turn your calendar into a kid's calendar or a mom's calendar. Or one of everyone in the family.

All from one template.

You can just as easily create a template for weekly calendars.

And with a little snippet of magic, you can make daily calendars, just with one template.

Carol Chavey

I LOVED the Cute Calendar Printables Course! I am new to Affinity and I learned A LOT on how to use it and also learned a bunch on how to use excel which I rarely used, but now realize that it combined with Affinity makes life so much easier. Most definitely recommend this course!!


So... You're Not a Graphic Designer?

Don't worry. You don't need to be to make pretty calendars.

You don't need to have used Affinity Publisher before.

Don't Underestimate Your Abilities

You can learn how to make printable calendars that you can sell from your shop, from Etsy, or from Shopify.

Printables sell extremely well.

People don't just buy one calendar set either. They buy one for their meal planning, one for work, one for their kids, one for gifting, and more.

And you don't have to spend hours and hours creating printables.

We're going to use every shortcut possible to make the tasks easy, fun, and fast.



Herb Rice

I loved Cute Calendar Printables. It is well thought out and laid out, and easy to follow and understand. Even if you’re new to Affinity Publisher the step-by-step instructions make it easy follow and implement.

What Will You Get

NO OVERWHELM, that's for sure!

You will get short video lessons with quick notes and more elaborated notes where appropriate.

You will get access to a comment field, where you can comment on what you learned and how you're going to use it, or ask questions.

You will get lifetime (my lifetime) access to this course. You can come back any time and watch the videos again.

No live sessions.

Instead, You'll See This...

First off, we'll start with an overview. You'll learn what you can do after you've finished the workshop.

In Module 1, you're going to start slowly with Affinity Publisher.

You'll see how you can create the basis for your calendar. We'll start with a monthly calendar with a white background.

You'll learn how to create the file with the right settings.

You'll learn how to add one text field for the month and year at the top and use it for all 12 months.

Then we'll add the grid and the dates, one task at a time.

I'll never go faster than you can follow.

And I'll show you exactly how I do in short videos with written checklists.

You'll learn how you can save your work as a template to use for future calendars.

And you'll learn how you can add cute frames to your calendar. Or cute images in the background.

Can you actually learn all this? Isn't it too complicated? Not at all.

I'll show you some common mistakes I and others made and how you can fix them.

Plus, you can ask questions to any of the lessons directly below it.

In Module 2, we'll create the weekly calendars.

You'll recognize a lot of the technics already, and you'll begin to understand how easy and fun this is.

We'll make three cute weekly calendar printables and a template, which you can use for your next weekly calendar.

In Module 3, we'll make a daily calendar.

And if you think it will a lot of work to make 365 different calendar pages, you're in for a treat.

We're going to make ONE page only. And yet, each calendar page will be unique.

Awesome, right?


Brenda Matthews

I took the Cute Calendar Printable course, It is so easy to understand. I loved it.
Great course.

~ Brenda Matthews

And After?

After this workshop, you can make as many cute calendar printables as you like.

You can sell them and keep 100% of the profit for yourself.

You can even take requests and make unique calendars for every customer who asks you.

Somebody wants her own cat as a background in a calendar?

This will take you a few seconds to make. And you can ask a lot more for a personalized calendar.

Or follow every idea you get and make dog-themed calendars. Fish-themed, flower-themed, angel-themed, unicorn-themed...

You name it.

Every new theme will only take you a few minutes to create. Now that you have your universal templates.

Your printable business will get a huge boost with those calendars.

Phyllis Adams

I just binged watched the entire course this morning and I am in awe of not only your teaching skills but the simplicity of being able to create dated calendars.

I bought Affinity last year but have not taken any time to learn how to use it.

I've been using PowerPoint with Excel tables pasted into, Canva, and some in Illustrator - with no cohesiveness or ease to creating!

Your course is by far the best one I have bought to learn how to create printable calendars! (and I have bought way too many!) I've also purchased premade templates so I wouldn't have to create my own dated calendars but have not been pleased as I really like to create from scratch.

Now I am going to begin creating my own calendars and I eagerly await the next installments!!!

Thank you so much for your hard work and excellent teaching! I am so excited to be able to create new calendars that won't take weeks.

I almost didn't purchase this course as I have been disappointed so many times, but I am so glad I pulled the trigger! I urge everyone to learn your methods in order to create the perfect calendars we can be proud of to sell.

Click below to get access to Cute Calendar Printabes for only $77

You get access to the welcome module and all three modules straight away.

Get Cute Calendar Printables right now and create your first calendar next week!

Jill Scott

I took the Cute Calendar Printables course to learn how to us automatic tools in Affinity to make calendars. I am pretty computer savvy and knew a little bit of how to work with Affinity already but this was a total game changer! I definitely recommend this course!

~ Jill Scott

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS In this workshop you'll make monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and daily calendars the easy and fun way with Affinity Publisher.

You'll make templates so that when you've first made one calendar, you can easy make unlimited different versions of it, all unique.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will the videos be available to watch forever ?  Or thereabouts. Haha

A: Haha, yes, forever or there about. You don't lose access to them.

Q: This could be your question...

A: Click the support link below if you have questions for me. I answer personally.

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