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You made a wise choice... but wait - read on to learn how you can make things faster and easier for you...

"Do You Want Me to Write You an Awesome Customer Attractor for You?"

Inside Side Hustle Accelerator, I show you where you must post a 1,200 word long text to attract the right people for your offer.

You can write this text yourself, of course. But if you're the least uncertain of how to do it. Or if you don't touch type at a decent speed.

Then I'll offer to help you.

Britt Malka

This is a one time offer, and only available here and today.

If you click No thanks, it's will be gone. You'll get access to Side Hustle Accelerator and learn what you must create and where to add this text.

This will save you time and make sure you get it done.

All you need is to tell me what you want me to write about and then to click copy and paste the text into a form and click publish.

You Already Know If This Is For You Or Not

If you're already an experienced writer and used to take action, you won't need it.

But if you feel just the least bit insecure... Wonder if you'll procrastinate on this one. Wonder if you can pull it off.

Then let me write it for you.

I have the experience and I know what works and what doesn't.

Will a Done-for-You Text Help You?

Then you only have this one chance to get my help for only $40.

Just click below to reserve your text. It's first come, first served. And I don't use AI so it will take me at least a day to get back to you, even with no others in the queue.

After purchase, you'll get an email with a link to watch the live training. Make sure to sign up right away. You'll get the replay even if you can't watch live. If you're not already a subscriber to my list, the system will add you. You can unsubscribe at any moment if you don't like my emails.




PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS If you have questions for me then keep this page open in your browser and contact me on my support desk. If you close down this page, the offer is gone. For good. So if you want a done-for-you customer attractor, keep this page live or buy right now to make sure you get it.

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

Questions? Problems? Contact me here: