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"How Often Do You Find Pacifiers on The Ground?"

From the Desk of Britt Malka:

Britt Malka

I know… Crazy question, right? But let me tell you; the ANSWER led me to a GOLDMINE!... And now YOU can follow me to that goldmine too!

NO, we’re not talking about selling ‘pacifiers’; stay with me here!

If You Can Find a Spare 59 Minutes a Day You Can Do This Business!

This page contains Sneak Peeks
of some of what’s in your course!

Today I rarely see them, but back in 1987, when I expected my first child, I found them everywhere.

Blue, pink, yellow…

It seemed that wherever I set foot, somebody had lost his soother!

Now TODAY the same thing happens to me… Everywhere I look! Nope, not soothers… I’m not expecting… BUT!...

Recently I discovered something… They are everywhere…

and people are paying BIG MONEY for these!

You may have purchased them yourself! Although after today you’ll never have to buy them again… You can create DOZENS of UNIQUE VERSIONS of these valuable items in only about 15 minutes!… FREE!!

IT GETS BETTER!... When you create these items, you can use them to generate up to  FIVE  SEVEN INCOME STREAMS!

SEVEN Income Streams?

From ONE Easy to Create Product??

YES!! That’s not a typo!

And you can create HUNDREDS of UNIQUE VERSIONS of these HIGH PROFIT gems in LESS THAN HOUR!

Using a SECRET TOOL That I Discovered!

I’LL REVEAL THE PRODUCT in a moment, but first…

Are People Really Making Money?

In a word… YES!!!

Here’s an Etsy shop that has been in business since January of 2015 and has racked up 42,667 sales in those 73 months from then until now. This means they’ve averaged a STAGGERING 584 sales a month average!

Almost HALF their listings consist of “seamless pattern print” digital papers.

Here’s another shop. They’ve only been in business since Dec. of 2021 and, in just 2 months, have already accumulated 402 sales of digital papers which consist mostly of seamless print designs.

Notice that they have done this with only 14 listings!


And PATTERN PRINTS are popular for PRINT ON DEMAND items too!

Take a look at these listings…

These are offered by an Etsy shop that has just 79 listings. They have accumulated 519 sales since opening their shop Dec. 2017; a nice $400-$500 in sales a month from essentially one product, pillows.

Here’s another pillow shop that’s doing very well on Etsy.

There are even “Print on Demand” pattern print phone cases!

The above listings come from an Etsy shop called Sun Kissed Designs CA. They’ve been on Etsy since May of 2020 and in the 20 months they’ve been there, they’ve wracked up 816 sales which comes to 40 sales average a month, again, for essentially one product.

Getting back to digital prints, here’s a shop that has been on Etsy since Dec. 2020. They have accumulated 1,688 sales in the 13 months they’ve been in business.

They offer printable ephemera that can be used as “junk journaling” pages and covers, many of which are seamless pattern prints.

The opportunities for profiting from ‘pattern prints’ are truly enormous!

Coloring pages represent yet another money making avenue for pattern prints.

Here’s a shop that has been on Etsy only since Jan 2021 and they have 490 sales with only 122 listings which comes out to about 37 to 38 sales a month.

They sell bundles of coloring pages as downloadable PDFs that customers can print out and the vast majority of these pages are pattern prints.

They also sell colorable pattern print book marks too… Another huge market!

The above examples are from Etsy but you can also sell on other marketplaces too (Redbubble, Zazzle, Fiverr…and more!)



Using a ‘Special Tool’ I Discovered!

This SECRET TOOL Blew Me Away!

The products it creates are in high demand

The products it creates are EVERYWHERE!
And I’m REVEALING ALL below!
This is great for Newbies and Veteran marketers alike!...
For Any Niche!
Imagine what you could do with HUNDREDS of unique versions of a product that’s in SUPER-HIGH DEMAND?

These items are needed by
• KDP book publishers
• Etsy sellers
• Marketers
• Crafts people
• Print On Demand creators
• Scrapbookers
• And more!

These are “create ONCE, sell FOREVER” types of items! They can be used to create BOTH “digital” AND “physical” products!

These items are USED for
• Clothing
• Mugs
• Pillows
• Book covers
• Junk Journals
• Scrapbooking
• Bookmarks (printable bookmarks are HUGE on Etsy!)
• Even coloring pages!

And with the ability to NOW create DOZENS of unique versions of these HOT items in only about 15 minutes (HUNDREDS an hour!) using the SECRET tool I discovered; You can now make money in so many WAYS!… In fact…as I said


And I’m REVEALING ALL below!

Great for Newbies and Veteran marketers alike!... For Any Niche!

Imagine what you could do with HUNDREDS of unique versions of a product that’s in SUPER-HIGH DEMAND?

I Reveal
7 Ways You Can Make Money!
With These Items

Here’s just a few income streams you can generate…

  • You can SELL THEM on Etsy (or similar online marketplaces)
  • You can PUT THEM ON popular “Print On Demand” items!
  • You can OFFER THEM as PLR bundles for OTHER marketers!
  • You can build an email list giving these items away for FREE
  • And more!

You can do ONE or DO THEM ALL!

IN FACT, you can create these items SO FAST, it will take you longer to “list them” than it does to CREATE them!

These products (in one form or another) are EVERYWHERE! And they are EVERGREEN!


Imagine a tool that can take virtually any 1 single photo and in about 15 minutes create DOZENS of very valuable sellable UNIQUE products people absolutely LOVE!





They are…

Seamless Patterns!

I swear! These are everywhere. Let me show them to you! 😊

They are on:

Low content book covers.



Digital Papers! (you can create these virtually instantly!)


Print On Demand Products!

And they are on backgrounds!


And that’s just the TIP of the iceberg! You can use Seamless Patterns in so many other places, like on Print-on-demand pillows, dresses, t-shirts, mugs, or on frames, or you can even sell them to other POD and KDP marketers!

Now total honesty here… I used to think that it was difficult to make these seamless patterns.

Then I found out how to make them with Affinity Photo, but it was still a time-consuming process with a steep learning curve.


Then I discovered something awesome… a secret tool that makes these seamless pattern gems in a matter of clicks… Now I get Dozens to hundreds of beautiful, unique, and PROFESSIONAL looking seamless patterns quick and easy in just MINUTES!

My Wonder Tool


The following contains Sneak Peeks

of some of what’s in your course!

“Fellow marketing expert Bart Hennin told me about this wonderful tool but at first neither one of us appreciated the POWER of this easy to use software.

THEN… I tried it myself. I got all excited!

It was like a small miracle! Bart and I wanted to help others and so we immediately teamed up to do exactly that (read on).

This is online software so you don’t need to download it. It comes complete… you don’t need anything else to use it!

Although, I WILL show you how you can use a couple of free ingredients to tremendously BOOST the quality and variety of your seamless prints – no matter HOW you decide to make money with them!

Otherwise, all is included, and you can use this tool for FREE! -  It’s completely free as a hobby version for 14 days.

After that, this awesome tool is less than $10 per month (30¢ a day) for a professional license. Or half that ($5), if you’re only using this as a hobby. One sale a month covers your cost!

You can’t even get Photoshop at that price! And here there is no steep learning curve!

This means that you can make wonderful and unique, PROFESSIONAL seamless patterns yourself for big profit!”


I’ve Got You Covered!

For a TOTALLY FREE Forever Option


If, like me, you have already tried buying these seamless patterns (for book covers, POD or whatever) that’s no longer necessary!

AND the patterns generated by the software (under YOUR control) ARE COMPLETELY UNIQUE!... Almost as unique as a fingerprint!

Even if you start with the same image as 1,000 other people (which is unlikely), it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to create the same seamless pattern twice!

Such is the AWESOME POWER of this amazing tool.

Imagine how good it will feel to create something of this high caliber yourself… And if you want something special for a project, you no longer have to wade through hundreds of seamless patterns; often settling and not finding exactly what you want.

Those days are over.

AT LAST… You have a super simple business that can potentially earn you an extra $500.00 or $1,500.00 a month or MORE!


FE Cover 3d 300px

Inside this comprehensive step by step guide, I reveal ALL!

REG $47 Today Just $29!

Get Instant Access Even if It’s 3 a.m.

By the end of this incredible self-contained course, you’ll have everything you need to create an avalanche of beautiful, unique and professional SEAMLESS PATTERNS for PROFIT!

What do others say?

The materials listed in The Seamless Prints for Profits books are top notch and full of detailed screenshots making it very easy to understand and replicate the process. Britt does a great job teaching this method and making it easy enough for everyone (including beginners) to understand.

Debbie Ray

Thanks for the extra tips.  I already knew about this software and have been using it for some time, but I did learn one thing about using it that I have always wondered so I am glad I bought the course.  I have personally used the software for designing a pattern which I then used on some pillows for myself and a couple of different designs for some fanny packs which turned out really nice.
Keep em coming.

Melonee Young

Inside this guide, you’ll discover…

Which secret software I use and how to sign up for it easy peazy! (The software is “online”; NOTHING to download!)

How to USE the software. (It’s very intuitive but I include detailed instructions anyway!)

Where to get FREE images (You won’t need many… each image can spawn hundreds of wonderful patterns!)

How to ‘coordinate’ colors so your patterns are irresistible! (People will think you are a professional designer even if you don’t have a single creative bone in your body!)

How to create color palettes! (This is OPTIONAL but tremendously speeds up and beautifies your pattern creations!)

My special insider tips for boosting the quality and variety of your prints! (This will put you 97% ahead of other marketers!)

How to produce your beautiful patterns in huge variety so fast it’ll make your head spin! (Great for people with little spare time!)

There’s more!... I also include a list of ‘action steps’ at the end of each section in your guide! (I'll get you started fast and simple so you are making money ASAP!)

You’ll also discover…

Where you can use these patterns (the uses are endless!)

How you can PROFIT from these patterns (multiple ways!)

How to CHANGE your patterns ‘on the fly’ (This software is VERY ADDICTIVE!)

How to create TONS of awesome POD products too! (Like these!)


(ONE Pattern can give you DOZENS of instant products!)


Seeing as how you can generate SEVEN INCOME STREAMS with these unique patterns that you can now generate BY THE DOZENS… what is this worth to you?

What is a $500.00 per month extra income worth to you?

What is a $1,000.00 per month extra income worth to you?

What is a $1,500.00 per month extra income worth to you?

$100.00?... 200.00?...

FE Cover 3d 300px

Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS…
This course is yours today for
Just $29!

Get Instant Access Even if It’s 3 a.m.
REG $47


There’s more!

We wanted to make this a NO BRAINER for you so when you secure your access to your course TODAY, I will throw in a 100% Money Back Guarantee AND an awesome FREE BONUS!


YES, this course comes with a FULL 30 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee! I TAKE ALL THE RISK for you!

Examine your course materials for a FULL 30 days and if you are not THRILLED, I will give you a no hassles full 100% refund so you are not out 1 single penny. We are that confident you will be able to succeed with this awesome course!

(Note, that it's technically impossible to refund you if you make a PayPal dispute. It will turn this guarantee null and void. Also note that I'm not online 24/24 7/7. I will reply to tickets as fast as possible, but please allow up to 72 hours before I can get back to you.)


I UNDERSTAND… Some people don’t want to commit to a paid tool (even at just 30¢ a day) even with a free trial and we wanted to make this opportunity available to everyone. So…

We are including a SPECIAL BONUS guide with your course FREE!

Inside this valuable bonus, we reveal a completely free alternative for those that want it for making seamless prints!

The FREE ALTERNATIVE is not as powerful as the 30 cent a day secret tool we reveal and recommend in your main course... The free tool will take you more time with less options, but it will do the job.

There’s more! Inside this guide, I’ll also show you another fun place where you can make easy seamless patterns (also FREE) plus another (3 total!). They’re more complicated than the 30 cents a day tool and have limitations but, again, it will get the job done so you can still make money!


Here’s what others have said about my and Bart’s PAST courses

I LOVED the Course! I learned A LOT ... Makes life so much easier. Most definitely recommend this course!! ~ Carol Chavey


This was a total game changer! I definitely recommend this course! ~ Jill Scott


It is so easy to understand.  I loved it. Great course. ~ Brenda Matthews


Positively outstanding!!! What a wealth of detailed information! Congratulations on your incredible effort to put this package together! You're the absolute best!!! ~ George Derr


I am already seeing a wonderful increase in number of sales. Thank you so much for making your techniques available to us. ~ Jann Schwarz


Many thanks for your sound advice... ~ Nanette

Don’t kick yourself later for missing out!


Your MAIN COURSE with all my secrets revealed!

You BONUS course guide so you have MORE OPTIONS completely free!

My ZERO RISK 100% Money Back Guarantee!

In SHORT… Everything you need to get started making money (7 ways) with seamless pattern prints!

FE Cover 3d 300px

Just $29!

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Have Fun!

PS – This is a SIMPLE business to implement and can really add to your bottom line!

AND, if you desire, it can easily become a full-time income for a part time effort!

Don’t kick yourself later for missing out!… Just 1 or 2 or 3 sales covers the entire cost of your course!

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Just $29!

Get Instant Access Even if It’s 3 a.m.
REG $47

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