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"Cat Quiz PLR - Share This with Your List and Make Money"

Launching November 16th, 2020, at 7 am EST

Hi affiliates, Britt Malka here with a new cool offer for you.

Cat Quiz PLR 😍

FE consists of:

  • Overview of how to use the Cat Quiz PLR and where to find free plugins to set it up.
  • Cat quiz with ten questions and two-five reply options (438 words).
  • Quiz cover image template to edit/change in Canva.
  • 10 quiz question image templates to edit/change in Canva.
  • Report to use as opt-in bait (993 words)
  • Report cover image template to edit/change in Canva.
  • Tips about using FB ads to send traffic to boost a quiz

It sells for $9.95 with 50% commission to you.

Upsell consists of:

  • Review of info product "Cat Spraying No More" from Clickbank (1183 words)
  • Article: Can a Cat Drink Coffee (660 words)
  • Article: Should a Cat Be Kept Indoors (883 words)
  • Article: Does My Cat Need a Cat Tree (819 words)
  • Article: Can You Train a Cat (656 words)
  • Article: Can You Teach a Cat to Walk On a Leash (1001 words)

It sells for $19.95 with 50% commission to you.

I'm using Thrive Cart for this launch which means no fees for you

Unlike WarriorPlus, Thrive Cart does not charge affiliates a fee for selling through their portal. This means more money to you.

Britt Malka

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Front End Product: Cat Quiz PLR

Price: $9.95

Commission: 50%

Upsell/Bump sale: Cat Product Review and Blog Articles

Price: $19.95

Commission: 50%

The Product


Five Good Reasons to Promote This Product

Reason 1

Who doesn't love cats?

Reason 2

Cats are super popular on Facebook

Reason 3

Quizzes are super popular on Facebook

Reason 4

Cats + Quiz = Viral

Reason 5

Quality PLR written by me = easy sell

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(To send day before launch, November 15th, 2020)

Subject line: [PLR] This is new

Hi [name]

If you're a blogger and write about cats, you're going to love this.

Tomorrow, Britt Malka launches a PLR package she's written herself.

It's brand-new and unlike many of the other PLR packages.

It's something that's designed to go viral and send you traffic.

More about this tomorrow. Look out for my email at 7 am ET.



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