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Easy Profits with
Simple Pattern Prints!
Introductory Pricing and Contest!

Launching February 1, 2022, at 9 am ET

Hi affiliates, Britt Malka here with a new cool offer for you.

Bart Hennin and I have teamed up to create...

Easy Profits with Simple Pattern Prints

In this 30-page eBook, we reveal a wonderful tool that makes creating seamless patterns a breeze.

The customer gets 7 ways to monetize their patterns.

Even complete beginners can easily make $$$ with this method.

This wonder tool is super intuitive to use, but we've included a detailed description inside with illustrations and links to over-the-shoulder videos.

Britt Malka

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Great product that should be easy to sell, great sales page with persuasive copy...

And now prizes?


Contest runs from February 1, 2022, 9 am ET through Saturday, February 5, 2022, 11:59 pm ET


Contest: Make the most sales of Easy Profits with Simple Pattern Prints and bump offer and win prizes:

#1 gets $100

#2 gets $50

#3 gets $25

#4 gets $25

Minimum 10 front end sales to qualify.

Make sure to sign up for my JV list so we can contact you.

Sales Funnel

Front End Product: Easy Profits with Simple Pattern Prints

Price during launch period: $19

Commission: 50%

Bump sale: Free Pattern Generator

Price during launch period: $9

Commission: 50%

The Product

Here's the table of contents from the eBook:

What Should You Expect?
Time to Dream a Little
Your Secret Software
Sign Up for Repper
Action Steps
Collect Your Tools
Color Schemes
Action Steps
Play Around
Export Your Pattern
7 Ways to Make Money!

Five Good Reasons to Promote This Product

Reason 1

Your people will LOVE you! This is a very lucrative and SIMPLE business anyone can do

Reason 2

High EPCs! We’re using a PROVEN type of offer page that converts very well!

Reason 3

We SUPPORT you! Need swipes? Advice? Review access? Just ask, we’re here for you!

Reason 4

BONUS CASH! We have a terrific CASH PRIZES contest!

Reason 5

Our customer SUPPORT is unsurpassed! We keep buyers HAPPY!

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Hi [name]

I'm super-excited about a new course that launches tomorrow.

I won't reveal much here, other than Bart Hennin and Britt Malka have combined forced and created one seriously powerful eBook.

You'll learn about a wonder tool that can make you money IN SEVEN DIFFERENT WAYS.

Now you see why I'm so excited?

I'll tell you more and give you the link tomorrow.

Look out for my email at 9 am Eastern Time.



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