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"Promote This Five Day Challenge Called 'Reviews that Convert' and Make Money"

Launching July 19th, 2020, at 7 am EST

Hi affiliates, Britt Malka here with a new cool offer for you.

It's made as a five day challenge, where each day the customer will learn something about writing a product review and they'll get homework to train their knowledge right away.

Like one beta-student wrote:

Did you know that approximately 90% of people who start an online course never complete it?

Some courses are just too damned long because the creators either think they need to have everything in the course or believe that the 'thunk' factor makes their course more valuable.

Both reasons are wrong. Short, concise courses are best. You can consume this one in 5 days of around an hour each day and you'll have developed a skill that will last you forever.

Britt Malka

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Front End Product: Reviews that Convert: A Five Day Challenge

Price: $17.96

Commission: 50%

The challenge takes place inside a learning platform, where the student get access to day one immediately. The following days are dripped.

Bump sale: Handholding

Price: $12.00

Commission: 50%

For an extra $12, the student will get personal feedback from me to his reviews through email.

The Product

Reviews That Convert Cover

Here's the Outline for the Five Days:

Day 1:

Why reviews work - even years after you wrote them or created the video.
Overview of this week, what we are going to learn.
What kind of products can you write reviews for.
Why people buy.
Why they won’t buy.
The three important groups of emotional hot buttons.

Day 2:

Picking a product to review.
How to go through a sales page.
Evaluating how likely the product is to make us commissions.
How to make money even before you write the review.
Case study and homework.

Day 3:

Feedback on yesterday's homework.
How to structure the review.
What to write in the introduction.
Casestudy and homework.

Day 4:

How to outline the rest of your post.
How to write it.
Casestudy and homework.

Day 5:

How to finish the review.
The one tiny change you must make to the introduction which can mean many more commissions.
What to do now with your review.
Casestudy and homework.

Five Good Reasons to Promote This Product

Great Product

Sorry for being so immodest.

I have put a lot of effort into this product.

The daily lessons consists of texts of around 1500 words each.

They go over theory that can be difficult to understand, but explained in a way that anybody can follow.

Copywri-ting 101

You can't write a review that converts without knowing the basics about copywriting.

Without ever mentioning that word, the students will learn basic copywriting principles through the course and the homework.

Your Sub-scribers will love you

There's ONE single goal for the five days: To write a review that converts.

If the students follow the daily courses and do the homework, that's what they'll have by the end of the challenge.

That means that there's a big chance your subscribers will reach a goal and feel he's accomplished something.

And he'll be grateful to you for recommending this challenge.

Low Price

There's no tough entrance barrier to overcome, since the price of this challenge is super-low, only $17.96 at least at the launch of it.

Your subscribers only need to sell one ClickBank product to make that investment back.

New Course

This is not rehashed stuff.

It's not even rewritten PLR.

It's a course, made from the ground, by me.

And I have several years of experience in copywriting both of sales pages, emails, and reviews.

It's the first time anything of this kind becomes available, especially at such a low price.

Swipe Files

Pre-launch swipe

(To send Saturday July 18, 2020)

Subject line: Ready for a challenge?

Hi [name]

I'm always up for a challenge.


Because they make me get things done.

Learn things. Do stuff. Make money.

Tomorrow, there's a very special challenge that starts.

It's called: Reviews that Convert. And I'm in.

I'll tell you more about this tomorrow and tell you where you can sign up.



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If you have any questions about the product, don't hesitate to contact me.

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