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Welcome struggling notebook creator,

Are you tired of fighting with too many competitors?

"Stand Out from the Competition with Notebooks with Unique Pages... Without Spending Hours on Each Book"

There was a time, when you could create a notebook, upload it to CreateSpace, and it would sell.

A nice cover, 120 identical lined pages... That was it.

You could crank out twenty notebooks like this in a day and create an empire.

Sadly, This Doesn't Work Anymore

Customers are more demanding now. They want pretty pages.

They want something unique.

A while ago, I created a notebook with 20 quotes that I repeated over the 120 pages.

I combined it with 20 images.

But even though I only had to create 20 unique pages and then copy them six times...

This project took me many hours!

It didn't exactly inspire me to create a second notebook like this.

Plus, there were only 20 unique pages, then it was copy and paste.

I knew this notebook would sell better, if I had 120 unique pages.

But the though of spending days on this one project, without knowing if my idea would sell, didn't motivate me to get started.

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and like many others, probably you, too, I heard about people who made thousands of dollars per month with notebooks.

But some of those people created 50 or more new notebooks per day.

I neither had the time nor the energy to do that.

Others created one new notebook per day and took their time doing so.

I prefer that approach, because they aimed at quality instead of quantity.

The Problem: You Don't Ever Know

I've seen notebooks that sold well with an animal on the cover. And otherwise lined pages.

When I did keyword research for other animal notebooks, I never found anything that looked like it would sell.

It was too random.

The more I researched, the more I discovered that it was the unique ideas that sold.

Notebooks with quotes.

Notebooks with prompts.

Notebooks with beautiful pages, not just lines.

Another Problem: This Is Time-Consuming

It's hit and miss.

I created a notebook with beautiful pages (all identical, but pretty) with a unique cover.

It didn't sell.

I'd spent hours creating it, and to date, it still hasn't gotten a single sale.

I kept gravitating towards the idea of completely unique pages.

I would create such a notebook.

One day.

When I had time...

But Who Ever Has Time for Such a Project?

The whole idea with notebooks is that they are supposed to be fast to create.

A lot faster than writing a nonfiction book.

And that idea goes down the drain, if you have to add a unique quote to each page and even decorate it with unique images.

Can you imagine the time it will take?

  • You would have to create a list of quotes.
  • You would have to find images/illustrations for your pages.
  • You would have to keep track of which quotes and which images you've already used.
  • It would take at least a couple of minutes for each page.
  • 120 pages, two minutes per page, that's four hours on the pages alone.

I gave up the idea and for a while I didn't even create new notebooks. I found it a waste of time, because my books weren't much different from the existing notebooks on Amazon.

Then I Discovered a New Way of Doing This

I love to automate repeating tasks.

And to my surprise, it was possible to automate this process, which meant that instead of at least spending four hours adding images and quotes to my pages, I could do the same in minutes.

Yes, 120 unique pages in minutes.


Nifty Notebook Creation

Discover How to Easily and Fast Create and Sell Unique Notebooks or Printables

In This Six-Module Workshop, You're Going to Learn:

Module #1: Introduction

Why it's a lot harder today to create notebooks that sell, and what you must do to make yours sell.

We're using Affinity Publisher and free tools to make this possible.

You'll learn that after you've been through this workshop, you'll be able to create notebooks for yourself, quickly, and either sell them as notebooks or as printables. Or even sell them as content pages as PLR for lots of profits.

Module #2: Gather the Ingredients

We'll prepare first to make things faster and easier later.

In this module we'll gather the things we need to make it possible to create notebooks with completely unique pages.

Module #3: Get Ready to Cook

Are you excited yet? I bet you will be as soon as you see that we just need to get our ingredients ready, and then we'll cook.

Module #4: Add the Data

We need to keep our stuff ready in one place, and in this module you'll learn just how easy this is. You'll do it yourself during the lesson. Hands-on is the best way to learn.

And then... oh, miracle! A few minutes later, you'll have your unique notebook pages on your computer.

Module #5: Where to Sell

You may already have your favorite place to sell notebooks or printables. If not, then this module will give you ideas.

Module #6: After This Course

Yes, there's a life after this course. A life full of possibilities. Where do you take it? Where can you go from here? That's what we'll look at in this module where you'll get plenty of tips to grow your business.


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