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Branching out is great.

it can allow you to get more exposure resulting in more people visiting your blog which ultimately results in more money for you!

One of the most magical places is a platform that gives you just that.


That platform is Pinterest.

But why does it look so darn complicated? why can a faux pas get you banned? and how do you avoid this from happening whilst growing your following passively and efficiently?

“The Most Powerful Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Through Pinterest, a Complete Step-By-Step Guide. Get Constant Traffic by Doing This!”

At a glance, Pinterest can be confusing.

It can sometimes feel like you're just turning in circles when using it.

Moreso one of the challenges you're faced with when starting up on Pinterest is standing out. You might struggle with getting followers and exposure.

So why bother with it right?

What are the pros, if any? Is it really worth dedicating a lot of time to?

Yes it is!

Hear me out.

Usually when people hear Pinterest they think social media platform.

But that's not how you should think of it.

Think of Pinterest as a search engine, a very powerful one.

Essentially Pinterest does the exact same thing as google, but with one difference, Images and descriptions included in these searches.

Imagine your website not being shown on Google, tragic right, nobody would visit it anymore.

But Pinterest is much much smaller than Google you might say?

Yes, just about anything is really. But it doesn't go without saying that Pinterest doesn't have a substantial presence.

I'm not going to bore you with numbers but for reference,

Google get's 3.5 billion searches per day,

Pinterest get's 2 billion searches a month.

Much less for sure but that's still 2 billion possible searches for "Puppy Love" that could have gone to your blog.

One huge difference that really makes Pinterest stand out from the crowd.

No bots,

Any social media platform that you visit or even search engine is flooded with bots.

However Pinterest have a very harsh and ruthless stance against bots, they do not like them and therefore spend a lot of resources into banning them.

This is both good and bad for you,

Bad, because if you aren't careful when creating a new account you can quickly get banned. Not a problem if you follow this guide however.

Good because you are only competing against humans, you don't need to worry about 500 bots spamming anything and everything.

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I got banned on Pinterest...

But then I got unbanned! After verifying that I am indeed a human.

A nice reminder we all need sometimes.

And believe you me, as soon as I got unbanned again, I immediately received a huge increase in visitors to my site.

From Pinterest alone I am getting visits daily, Thousands of visits a year.

And I barely spend any time there.

Pinterest Traffic

This is just for the past month, and it's with a practically new Pinterest account.

This is how Pinterest compares against the bigger search engine, Google.

Pinterest vs Google traffic

I get much more traffic from Pinterest than I get from Google.

But how come? There's many more searches on Google, so how come the amount of visits from Google is than Pinterest?

Because, there's much much less competition on Pinterest.

And you can be more targeted towards your ideal audience.

Yes, it's a beautiful thing.

A search engine without having to compete against bots, and thousands of others promoting the same content.

A Social Media platform that WANTS people to leave and visit the promoted blogs on the site.

what more can you ask for?

A guide would be nice...


Powerful Pinterest Traffic

Powerful Pinterest Traffic

An all-in-one, inclusive guide starting from setting up your Pinterest account.

I will explain to you what to do and not to do. How you can easily manage Pinterest.

But best of all,

How to maximize traffic to your blogs from Pinterest!

All the best tips and tricks will be in this guide.

Everything you need to know about creating new posts will be in here (and believe me there's a lot to learn on that).

To put it simply, it's an A-Z guide on Pinterest, an largely overlooked search engine.


When you buy this product, this is what you will get.

An eBook of 20 Pages (Illustrated)

5 Videos (5 -10min each)

The Power to increase traffic on your site by 75% and more!

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