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"Discover How You Can Use Pinterest as an Untapped Visual Search Engine to Send High-Quality, Targeted Traffic to Your Blog..."

... and Only Spend 15 Minutes per Day Doing It


Your blog is finally done.

Just a few fixes and some affiliate products here and there and then oh…


We need traffic, and we needs lots of it.

That’s easy you might think.

My site is discoverable on Google so people will come from there organically.

Sure, you can rely on Google for some of your traffic that’s true.

But when was the last time you went to page two on Google to find something you were looking for?

The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google

And chances are a fresh blog like yours is not even on page two yet.

It takes time, a lot of time.

There’s still hope don’t worry!

You could create a Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and a Twitter account and spend 10+ hours a week promoting your site on each of these social media platforms to various degrees of success.


You could create a Pinterest account and only spend 15 min a day.

The thing is...

All the aforementioned social media platforms want the viewers to stay on their platforms. They don’t want them to leave their site.

Pinterest however wants to see you go. They know you’ll be back later so they have no problem showing links directing users to other sites.

And this is why Pinterest is more of a search engine than a Social media platform. The whole goal of a search engine is to make you leave through a link that is useful to you.

So what makes this search engine worth using?

Traffic! It is much easier even for a brand new blog to gain traction on Pinterest

So I did a little experiment.

With a brand new blog I did the testing, comparing Pinterest vs other avenues of traffic and here are my results


372 visitors on my site in the first month only from Pinterest!

And that’s just the first month it keeps going up.

I compared it with Google


That's more than double the traffic!

No other platform makes it that easy and fast for a brand new blog to gain traction!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well let me make it sound even better then!

Every single social media platform or search engine has a huge bot problem.

These pesky scripts will post everywhere and make it very difficult for people like you to emerge from under this sea of spam.

On Pinterest it’s not the case

Pinterest is dedicating a lot of resources into banning bots.

Meaning you will get more reach and much faster!

And not only that. These clicks and visitors you will get, well they are 100% genuine people with interest in your particular area of expertise.

Needless to say, if you want traffic on your blog but you don't have a team of SEO experts and social media content creators behind you, you need Pinterest!


However, with great anti-bot protection comes great ban rates, and it is very easy to get yourself banned if it’s your first time on the platform and you are not sure of what to do.

For example, for a brand new account to suddenly follow 50 other channels is a red flag and can get you a ban.

Spending too much time on Pinterest is also not recommended

That is a common trap to fall into, thinking that spending more time equals more traffic.

Whilst that is the case on most other platforms on Pinterest it's different. 

Spending more time will not help you.

This will be explained more in detail in this course.

I will teach you exactly what to do, how you can avoid spending too much time and how to avoid a ban.


Pintastic Pinterest Traffic

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I got banned on Pinterest...

Yes, I had followed a high-ticket course to the dot... but that course gave me bad advice. Advice that got my account banned even though I had the best intentions of following all their rules.

I managed to get my account back. After verifying that I am indeed a human.

And after promising I would never commit that deed again.

Inside my course I will warn you against such traps.

This product is an all-in-one, inclusive course starting from scratch assuming you’ve never even created a Pinterest account.

I will explain to you what to do and what not to do. 

We will start from creating your first Pinterest business account

And I’ll hold your hand through every step of the way, until you know everything there is to know.

Until you can easily manage your own Pinterest account and have a a nice upwards trending curve of visitors to your site

And until you can easily and effortlessly spend 15 min daily building the outreach for your brand on Pinterest

Everything you need to know about creating new posts will be in here (and believe me there's a lot to learn on that).

To put it simply, it's an A-Z guide on Pinterest, a largely overlooked visual search engine.

A search engine with endless untapped potential

When you buy this course, this is what you will get.

A complete guide on everything from A to Z on how to gain traffic on your blog through Pinterest 

A complete guide to use Pinterest to send traffic to your blog the fastest possible way (except from paid ads).

What you should do and definitely should not do if you want to avoid the ban hammer. Sadly, many Pinterest users have found that good intentions are far from enough to keep their accounts safe. You'll learn exactly how to avoid the traps.

How to get the most out of your free time. You will learn how you can spend only 15 min per day (less than 2 hours a week) building your brand and getting stable traffic from Pinterest.

How this could increase the overall value of your blog if you wish to sell it. Or increase your revenue from affiliates or ads. A blog has much more value if there’s already an established social media platform coming along with it.

You will also learn how to avoid overworking yourself by not spending too much time on it with limited success, and how it can be better for you with just one social media account well done rather than 5 mediocrely done.

It's time to invest in your future! Elevate your blog from unnoticed to trending in the digital world - In only 15 min per day!

Wait what? Not a word about getting followers on Pinterest?

No, you don't need them. They are great to have, but I got my results with two followers. And I don't even think they were active.

So if you’d ask me

If I were to choose one platform to build my brand and advertise my blog

I would choose Pinterest

If I were to pick one place to gain a following

I would choose Pinterest

If I only had 2 hours a week working on my outreach

I would choose Pinterest

What would you choose to propulse your blog?

Pintastic Pinterest Traffic Only $67 Only Now!


Thanks to your brilliant strategy, things are going well here and I don't even need Tailwind. Super! Thank you so much! Your tips are worth their weight in gold.

Judith H

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