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STOP buying lined content pages or messing with software that wasn't meant for creating notebooks.

"Discover How You Can Create College Ruled Notebooks In a Snap"

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I still remember making my first notebook in March 2019.

I'm afraid I made the lined pages with Google docs. Ugh... The lines had random spaces between them and overall looked bad.

No surprise: the notebook never sold.

Still, I wanted to keep trying, and I found places that sold lined pages. They didn't look exactly how I wanted them, but if I could only figure out how to do it, I could edit them in PowerPoint.

But PowerPoint is not made for creating pretty pages and saving time creating notebooks.

Its purpose is to help the user create slides.

This set me back a lot, and it took me month to create only a few simple notebooks. Lined, yes, but certainly not the college ruled lines I wanted.

Then I Made a Wonderful Discovery

First, a little background.

Since 1997 or so, maybe earlier, my husband had used Photoshop. When I had to edit photos, I used the same program.

It was expensive... VERY expensive. But at least we could keep using an older version, even though a newer had come out.

When Adobe changed their policies and started to sell subscriptions, the price seemed lower.

We found a good offer and paid only $30 per month for a bundle of Adobe's software.

Alas... it didn't last.

After a year, the price went up to $50 per month, and we unsubscribed.

Somebody from Adobe called me and talked me into a new subscription. This time for Photoshop only, which meant that we only had to pay $10 per month.

For a year...

When the price went up again, we had enough. We found an awesome program called Affinity Photo.

Sure, it was different from Photoshop, but there were also a lot of similarities.

I quickly fell in love with the program.

Discovering More

Working with Affinity Photo made me go "oooh" and "wow" so many times. I went to check what else they had made and bought Affinity Designer.

A little later, I received an email from the company (Serif) that told me they worked on Affinity Publishers, and it was open to Beta testers.

Wow! I jumped on board.

LOL Now THAT Wasn't Just a Walk in the Park

Since Affinity Publisher was still under development, there weren't really tutorials or videos about it.

I wanted to love this program, but alas... My first attempt at making lined pages was a disaster.

Lined? Yes, but they looked horrible. And they took me forever to make by using a table and only coloring the horizontal lines, not the vertical ones.

Making Progress

Little by little, by searching the Internet, by reading the documentation, and by buying courses and watching videos, I began to figure out how to use the program.

I spent hours messing with it.

Sometime the result was great. Often times it wasn't.

I made so many mistakes, and time and time again, I spent hours on something that should only have taken minutes.

At the end, I figured out how to do things in a way that would make notebook creation easy.

And I saved a lot of time.

I found out how to create lines with an exact distance between them, matching the measurements for college ruled notebooks.

I found out how to do things only once and use it over and over again.

I learned how save as a preset and a template, so that the next time, it takes merely minutes to make the content pages for a notebook.

And to create a pretty cover for the notebook with title and all.

Stop Struggling

When I heard from subscribers how they either bought content pages or struggled with PowerPoint or Word, I felt sorry for them.

But I thought they weren't ready yet for Affinity Publisher - even though I loved the program.

Then I discovered an amazing method to create unique pages in a snap. With Affinity Publisher.

I launched the course and it got more than 700 customers in no time.

It was made for advanced notebook publishers, but I discovered that many of the students had never made a notebook before.

That's when I decided to share what I had discovered about how to make college ruled notebooks.

From scratch.



Rapid Ruled Notebooks is a course that consists of text and video... and lots of action steps.

It's a workshop.

You need to get your hands dirty to learn, and that's what you're going to do in a protected environment.

You get short lessons and under each lesson is a field where you can write your comments or ask questions.

If you run into problems, I've got your back.

You're not alone on this journey.


Bart Hennin

Thanks Britt! I've completely fallen in love with Affinity Publisher software!! Before your course, I was overwhelmed by this software’s numerous capabilities. However, after going through your awesome course, now I feel like an expert!

What I like best is you not only show step by step how to create notebooks and more but you also show how to correct mistakes fast and easy!

I also like that this is not a “videos only” type of course… but also uses a combination of concise notes plus high quality screenshots to convey the most info in the least time making your instructions easy to assimilate!

Your tutorial on how to create beautiful book covers ALONE is worth the price of this course! Thanks again!

What Do You Get

I'm super excited to share everything I've discovered with you.

We won't spend hours going over the user-interface and dwelling on the numerous tools you'll find in all Affinity's programs.

We'll go straight to the point, and you'll learn exactly how to make 120 pages, 2 unique ones, and 118 lined ones, plus you'll learn how to create a cover either with Affinity Designer or Canva.

You'll also discover how you can easily save your work as presets and templates so you can use it over and over again, saving you hours of work on each notebook.

This is what you'll learn inside the 8 modules of this course:

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Why make college ruled notebooks?
  • What can you do once you've finished this course
  • How is this course structured
  • Want to learn more?

Module 2 - What do we need?

  • Why you should gather the ingredients first
  • What do we need
  • One step at a time
  • Ask questions - I'm here for you

Module 3 - Create your content pages

  • Why you should make your content pages first
  • The order we're going to follow
  • This is how it's done
  • Did something wrong? Fix it

Module 4 - Make Your Masters

  • Why masters?
  • How is this going to work?
  • Let me show you...
  • What if things went wrong

Module 5 - The First Two Pages

  • Why only page 1 and 2?
  • What we're going to do
  • Video of me creating page 1 and 2
  • What if something went wrong

Module 6 - Pages 3 to 120

  • This will be fun
  • Only three steps to create 118 pages
  • Video: page creation
  • If things went wrong

Module 7 - Create a Cover

  • People judge your book
  • What we're going to create here
  • How you do it
  • If you want to do things differently

Module 8 - Conclusion

  • From now on it's easy
  • What you need
  • How you use it
  • Want more than just lined pages?

And the last lesson in each module is always the action steps.

You can get instant access and go through the course at your own pace.

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PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PPS Publishing notebooks can be a numbers game. Most people publish hundreds of notebooks because not all will sell. This is super-time-consuming. Or money-devouring if you buy content pages. Why not learn it? It's not hard when you learn step-by-step and get handholding on the way. You'll thank yourself later for jumping on board.

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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