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Hi affiliate, you know what the problem with product reviews is?

Readers assume they are fake when you leave your affiliate link. So they keep searching for an honest review.

"Would You Like To Know How to Write a Product Review That Keeps Making You Money, Day And Night, Year After Year?"

Have you ever set out to buy something, a physical product or a virtual product, but you weren't sure if it was right for you?

What did you do?

Searched for a review, right?

Most people do. If they don't know someone personally, who has the product and can answer questions about it, they'll look online for honest reviews.

Bloggers know that. Marketers know that. And therefore they write product reviews that they share online, either on blogs or on YouTube.

Sure, sending out promotion emails are great, but there's one thing emails struggle to compete with.

A review on a blog or YouTube video can be found by anyone - also people who are not subscribers.

And they can be found at anytime - even years after the blogger/marketer wrote the review.

That's Why Reviews Are So Important

And when something gets "important" it also gets difficult. Because we human beings are made like that. OOOh, it's "important." I must do my best. This must be perfect.

Of course there's no such thing as perfect, but on the other hand, there are things that make a review good. Things that make it stand out and convert.

If a prospect lands on your review, reads it, but still is in doubt afterwards, then he won't buy. He might search for another review that will tell him what he's looking for.

If, on the other hand, you tell him clearly what is good and what is bad about the product, he can make up his mind right there. He doesn't need to search for more reviews. He can either buy or not buy that product, and if he buys, he'll use your link.

And you'll make a commission.

So How Do You Write a Review that Convert?

Most people don't like selling. And thankfully, we don't need to be selling in a review.

It doesn't have to "convince" people to buy.

They'll buy all by themselves, if the review is written the right way.

Warning: When you've learned this method to writing high-converting reviews, you'll want to buy every product you write about, because that's how convincing your reviews will be.

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I hate to waste time.

There's only one thing I hate more than wasting time, and that is to waste money.

Therefore, to write reviews that don't convert... or to send paid traffic to them, and they still don't convert, that's a nightmare to me.

We all only have a limited amount of time daily, and if you do things that don't work... then that amount of time could have been spent better.

But before we get into how you can make the best use of your time, let's look at reviews in general.

Why Do People Read Reviews?

People will rarely stumble upon a review and read it.

They are either searching for it or sent to it somehow. And in both cases, they'll only read a review if they are interested in buying the product.

That means that when somebody reads a review, they are a glowing hot prospect.

In many cases, they have more or less decided to buy the product. They've followed their emotions. Now they need logic to confirm their choice.

So Why Do Some Reviews NOT Convert?

If a person reads a review, he's looking for information about the product.

But more than that - he's half-convinced that he'll buy it, so he's looking for indications that make him certain in his choice.

If your review didn't hit those points, he'll go look for another review.

Or if he gets the feeling that you don't know what you're talking about, obviously, he'll seek a more informed writer.

If you've spent a long time writing your review, there could be many reasons why it's not converting.

Here are a few:

  • Your review doesn't touch on the points the prospect searches information about.
  • Your review is way too short.
  • You don't come through as an expert.
  • Your review is boring to read.
  • Your review isn't genuine. It only has one purpose: to sell.

Did You Find Out the Hard Way?

A badly written review doesn't convert.

It doesn't mean that you have spelling errors, or grammar errors.

Or that you wrote sloppy.

Or that you reviewed based on the sales page or real customers' reviews.

It just means that you didn't hit on the points your review should, and that you didn't write in a persuasive, yet not hyped, way.

And that means that you wasted your time.

That's right. If you don't write reviews the right way, you'll waste traffic and time.

Precious time that could have been spent better if you'd known how to write a review the correct way, following a proven structure.

How Much Money Can You Make from One Review?

The amount could be zero.

If nobody is interested in the product, or nobody sees your review, then you won't make any money.

No matter how persuading your review is.

But in my experience, it's rare.

What most often happens is that I write a review and put it online.

And then even years after I wrote it, it still converts.

People are picking up products based on reviews I wrote five, six, seven or even more years ago.

So how much money can you make?

It completely depends on the commission you get for each product, how desirable it is, how well-written your review is, and how long you keep it online.

This can end up being a lot more than you thought to begin with.

And it all starts with learning the basics for how to write a review that converts.

So... How Do You Write a Review that Converts?

It may be a lot easier than you thought.

In fact, the "secret" is simple.

  • Learn a few basic techniques.
  • Use them.
  • Learn a proven structure.
  • Do a little every day.

This works for any kind of review.

You can use the same technique for reviews of toddler toys (physical) or dog training courses (virtual).

If you're curious about what basic techniques we're talking about...

And how to structure your reviews...

Then continue reading.

It's All Revealed Inside My 5-Day Challenge...

Reviews That Convert Cover

Here's EXACTLY What You're Going to Learn

We're going to spend an hour or so every day for five days.

Part of that time will be spent learning.

Part of that time will be spent doing - because that's the only way you'll learn in-depth and remember what you've learned.

Here's the curriculum for the course:

Day 1:

Why reviews work - even years after you wrote them or created the video.
Overview of this week, what we are going to learn.
What kind of products can you write reviews for.
Why people buy.
Why they won’t buy.
The three important groups of emotional hot buttons to push.

Day 2:

Picking a product to review.
How to go through a sales page.
Evaluating how likely the product is to make us commissions.
How to make money even before you write the review.
Case study and homework.

Day 3:

Feedback on yesterday's homework.
How to structure the review.
What to write in the introduction.
Casestudy and homework.

Day 4:

How to outline the rest of your post.
How to write it.
Casestudy and homework.

Day 5:

How to finish the review.
The one tiny change you must make to the introduction which can mean many more commissions.
What to do now with your review.
Casestudy and homework.

Suzanne Sukhram-Farmer

Suzanne Sukhram-Farmer

I am really finding that this organized process of writing reviews is very helpful, and is making my writing stronger. As a writer I am usually very good about organizing what I write, but because most of my reviews tend to be videos, I haven't practiced the art of writing text reviews very much. I'm really grateful for this challenge, Britt. Thank you! ❤️

But That Is Not All You Get

You Get Instant Access to All Five Modules

I do recommend that you take it one day at a time, but you can do the exercises at your own speed.

When you've finished all the exercises, you have your first selling review ready to post.

You also get a FULL three-weeks of access to me.

If there's anything you don't understand, or if you simply want feedback to your exercises and your review, then I'm here for you.

(This alone is worth more than the price of the workshop.)

I have NEVER shared this method before.

And I've never seen anyone else do it. This is a unique method that will allow you to write reviews faster and better.

Reviews that sell.

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