​Frustrated with your email marketing results?

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​►Are you frustrated by not making as much from email marketing as you had hoped?
►Do you get more unsubscribers than sales after each email you send?
►Are you seeing lower and lower email open rates the more you mail your list?
►Do you feel lost and unsure every time you write an email to send to your list?If you found yourself nodding your head and saying ‘Yes!’ as you read those questions, I feel your pain.

​Hi, Britt Malka here. I’ve been doing email marketing for many years, and I have had more than my share of failure and feeling like it was all a waste of time. That’s why I’m excited to share with you the solution I came up with. You’ll really like this. It can completely turn things around for you, just like it did for me.

​It’s not enough to just have a list

​An email list is the most important asset you’ll ever own in your online business. And writing effective emails to send to your list is absolutely essential if you want to see your income grow.I’ve known that for years. You probably believe it too if you’ve been a marketer for very long.But knowing something needs to be done does not always mean you’ll be successful at it.

​I struggled in the early days with email writing. I felt like I was just throwing darts randomly at a board, hoping to hit the bull’s eye every now and then.I missed a lot more than I hit. It was really frustrating. I was tempted to quit so many times.

throwing darts at randomboat adrift

​The hardest part was not knowing why I was failing. The second hardest part was feeling lost every time I sat down to write an email.I felt like I was drifting in a boat with no rudder, no compass, and no paddles to take me anywhere.

​Do you know that feeling, too?Well, I didn’t give up. And I don’t want you to either!

​You have to write better emails

​I decided to find a solution. I was determined to find a way to write emails using as close to a fill-in-the-blanks method as possible.I wanted my emails to get results, but I also wanted to be able to write them quickly and confidently – every single day.And I found it. I found the answer. I have a sure-fire way to sit down and write emails I can be confident in. And I’ve turned it into a simple template that can be used over and over.

​After I started using the template, my email opening rate went up to 28% or more, even in the Internet marketing niche. Clickthroughs and conversions also increased.

​It’s a fast, repeatable, simple-to-learn way to come up with emails that get the job done.

​I call it…

SIBOC Email Formula

​Here’s a sneak peek inside this 33-page ebook:

  • ​What ‘SIBOC’ stands for (page 6)
  • ​What love has to do with email marketing (page 7)
  • ​Why unsubscribers might be a good thing (page 10)
  • How you can easily come up with things to start your email with (page 12)
  • What you can learn from the movie Top Gun (page 13)
  • Why a repeated word can make your subscribers continue reading (page 15)
  • The difference between features and benefits, and how to never get it wrong (page 17)
  • The important part most marketers are too afraid to address in their emails (page 22)
  • Six easy and effective “Call to Action” phrases you can tweak (page 23)
  • A fun exercise covering all you’ve learned that prepares you for your own email writing (page 28)
  • Important advice that will make the difference between a short-lived money stream and a long-term healthy business (page 29)
  • One-page overview of the template that makes it really easy to use, even when you only have a few minutes to write an email (page 30)

​Why you need The SIBOC Template

​It’s important to send emails frequently to avoid getting forgotten by your subscribers and to avoid spam complaints. But to write frequent emails you need a ‘go to’ template that makes it quick and easy – while also producing emails that get results.
►SIBOC does that for you.
Ideally, you want a template that is versatile, so you can write different kinds of emails depending on your needs.
►SIBOC does that for you.
An email must capture the reader’s attention and curiosity right at the beginning. This is not an easy thing to accomplish with so many emails flooding people’s inboxes these days.
►SIBOC does that for you.
A clever email subject line is not going to get the job done today like it did in the past. You need to entertain your subscribers in every email you send so they look forward to and open your emails simply because your name is on it.
►SIBOC does that for you.
Finally, you must always have a clear purpose with every email you write. You won’t get results if you don’t even have a firm idea of what you want to accomplish every time you sit down to write an email. Your lack of focus and meandering words will cause your readers to tune you out. You need to know exactly what you want your readers to do.
►SIBOC does that for you.

​You’re getting what I use myself

​I created the SIBOC template and then wrote this book because email marketing is my passion, and I want to share that passion with others. I needed to get better results, and I want you to get better results, too.So many people hate to write emails, so they either avoid it or spend hours and hours on each one. And then they avoid it for weeks again because they don’t have time. I get that! I’ve been there myself.The SIBOC template guides you through the process so you can get it done faster and far more effectively. It’s all about results.If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then don’t hesitate another moment. The answer is right here. You can download and be reading The SIBOC Email Formula in mere seconds.Best of all, since I’ve just finished this and it’s brand new, I’ve decided to offer it for a limited time at well below the regular price. It’s yours right now for only $​27.​

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