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"Powerful Five-Step Method Reveals How This Tiny List of Only 182 Subscribers Provided $700.50 in Commissions in Only Two Days"

​This Simple System Also Works for Newbies and for Any Niche…

Are you struggling with making money and blame the size of your list?Have you giving up list building because the auto-responder fees exceeded your income many times?Or do you have a reasonable sized list but nobody reads your mails?

Are you struggling with making money and blame the size of your list?Have you giving up list building because the auto-responder fees exceeded your income many times?Or do you have a reasonable sized list but nobody reads your mails?

Britt Malka

Dear fellow marketer,

My name is Britt Malka, and I started my first list in 1997.

We’ve all been at a point where we’re starting out and only have a small list.

Personally, I hesitated for years before I got a real auto-responder, because I couldn’t afford the $15 per month AWeber cost back then.

So I know what you’re going through.

You probably believe, like I did, that it’s close to impossible to make money with a small list.

But that’s wrong.

Read this page closely, because you’re about to discover how even a small list can be very profitable.

After I discovered this method, I’ve ended up on several leaderboards (even with a small list) and made thousands of dollars.

Here are some of my latest results.

Look Here the Size of This List and My Results


And Here's One of the Leaderboards I Topped...


Here's Another Leaderboard


This method works, even if you're starting out with a new list (the above screenshot shows a brand new list of mine).

You don't have to be experienced with email marketing.

This method is totally hype-free and ethical.



​Inside "Small List Email Maestro" I'm going to walk you through the five steps I personally use to obtain mindblowing results, even from a small list.

What You'll ​Discover

Get the first step wrong, and you can wave goodbye to sales. Almost nobody teaches you how to do this right. (Page 4)

​The tiny detail I got wrong myself and which probably have cost me thousands of dollars and how you can easily get it right. (Page 5)

​Most newbies and even experienced marketers get step 2 wrong, because they are afraid of losing subscribers, and how it can actually lead to unsubscribes. (Page 6)

The things you MUST write to your list to get them to open your mail and keep reading. (Page 6)

Make a fatal mistake here, and you're doomed. (Page 8)

The "Small List Email Maestro" technique and why it works -- also with big lists. (Page 9)

Step 5 -- most newbies and even advanced marketers skip this step and leave so much money on the table that it is close to tipping over. (Page 10)

What Others Say about "Small List Email Maestro"...

Bonnie Lynn Johnston -

Dan Spingola

​I was fortunate to be able to review Small List Email Maestro by Britt. And when I say ‘fortunate’, I genuinely mean just that.

She talks about small lists, but naturally her methods will work on lists of all sizes. Her point, of course, is that you don’t need a guru-sized one to make good chunks of money.

This book (and the case study she provides as well) are a breath of fresh air, giving practical instruction on what to DO with your list once you have it.

Some of the methods seem simple on the surface – very ‘common sense’…but check your email inbox for materials from other marketers and you’ll find the majority NOT using these ‘common sense’ approaches much at all. How easy it will be for you to stand out!

Other things she writes about go against the accepted ‘wisdom’ of most email marketers (at least what they WRITE. Maybe they know these things and keep them to themselves!), like what REALLY matters most in an email (not the subject line!).

This is a prize. Get it, and get on her list. Quote me on that, and thank me later.


​Alessandro Zamboni

​Hi Britt and thanks for your review copy!

In my last years in IM I saw a lot of people giving up with list building, and if you don’t know how to start it’s normal. For no one starting to build a list is easy, even for me. And I’m happy that since today, thanks to “Small List Email Maestro” there’s only one way to follow, and that’s the right one!

Having a list is incredibly powerful, and only if you start building one you can comprehend. This ebook is really well made. You will learn Britt secret 5-steps method to build a list, and how to start making profits even with a small list. That’s the real power of this guide!

Remember it’s not important the size of your list, but the way you connect with your subscribers, and that can change the way your list relates to you! It will become easy for them to click your affiliate links if you follow Britt tips and tricks.

Thumbs up for this huge Britt Malka product, a really well-done solution for who never tried to build his/her first list, or for who never got great results above the standards with his/her list. That’s fantastic!

Thanks so much and see you soon.

Your Awesome Bonus

Have all five steps handy with this cheat sheet. It makes it easy for you to remember the five steps and use it within your marketing.

Declan O'Flaherty

Great little report my dear.

I like how it's so understated, and yet, covers everything needed to go on
and build a successful email campaign.

These short reports are much better than long drawn out eBooks that take
forever to explain what you actually did in just 14 pages. And that's what
you did: explained, without bloat, how to go about building email lists
and communicating the people on them without coming off like another
asshole looking for money.

I enjoyed the short read my dear.

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