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Do you ever wish that you could make a living online by sending emails and creating info products?


"What If You Could Pick My Brain and Get 20 Years of Experience Directly to Your Inbox Every Day for 20 Weeks?"

Dear fellow solopreneur,

Ever seen The Matrix?

When they need new knowledge, they are connected to a computer and download it directly into their brains.

What if you could do the same?

Can you imagine what 20 years of condensed experience with email copywriting, affiliate marketing and info product creation could do for you?

I sent out my first list email March 16, 2003.

My 10 subscribers shared that email with friends and family. Those people contacted me and I added them - manually - to my list. And soon I was writing to 100 people... Then thousands.

At first, sending those emails were just for fun... But soon it became my main source of living.

And more than once, my email list have saved me from having to either starve or lose my home or worse: go and find a job.

Your First Steps Matter

You should get started as soon as you can.

There's one thing you must realize: You'll never be ready. You'll never know everything you need to know.

It's always better to start today than to wait.

But mentally... It's definitely better to start the right way rather than making mistakes you could avoid.

I'm the first to admit that I've made mistakes. Huge mistakes. It's impossible not to when you work on your own and have been in business for more than 20 years.

Back when I started, nobody else were doing this. There were no eBooks, no courses, no coaches...

I had to figure it all out by myself. And I got off to a lucky start.

But if I'd started out doing some of the mistakes I made later... like the one where 1700 unsubscribed from my list in one day and only the most loyal stayed...

I don't think I would have survived that blow.

But I had no one to ask. No one to send an email to and say, "Should I do this?"

It would have saved me a lot of pain and made me a richer woman today.

During those 23+ years, I've often felt that for every step I took forward, I walked two backwards.

My progress was slow. Yours doesn't have to be.

I Can Help You

Hey, I'm Britt Malka. I quit my day job in June 1995 and since 2000, I made a living online.

During those 23 online years, I've:


  • Sold websites
  • Written eBooks
  • Resold software
  • Created courses
  • Created PHP scripts
  • Tweaked my process
  • Used email copywriting
  • Made thousands of mistakes

Yes, it all matters.

But if I could go back and become 2000 Britt and send 2023 Britt an email a day, I would make faster progress and avoid painful mistakes.

And I would make sure to focus on one thing instead of hustling with 20 different topics.


You Can Do What 2000 Britt Couldn't

You can get access to 2023 Britt and pick my brain.

How would you feel if you could be sure that whenever you took 2 steps forward, you would keep progressing?

What would it mean to you if you had access to someone who had travelled this journey already?

If you could ask questions and get replies directly to your inbox?

Here's How Lifechanging This Coaching Will Be

Instead of getting blocked with a problem you can't solve on your own, you'll have me to help you.

This will give you an immense relief, knowing that someone has your back.

You have someone to go to, even down to details. Or to use as a soundboard for new ideas.

I will not shoot them down like friends and family often do. Not out of meanness. But simply because they don't know business like you and I do.

Maybe you just need someone who will listen when you're in doubt or are afraid to take a step out into the unknown. I will be that person.

Even if you just want somebody to share your failures and victories with, I'll be there, never longer than an email away.

As online marketers, we're often alone.

We work alone on our computer. Our spouses had heard enough about our online adventures. Maybe they've even lost faith in us.

We need someone to share with. Someone to ask question. Someone who understands what it's like to be a solopreneur.

And here I can serve you better than your better half or friends can. Because I've travelled this route myself.

Can you imagine how much relief you'll feel when you no longer have to travel alone?

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the last time you were in doubt about something. Even something as simple as, "Should I buy this course or not?"

Then imagine you don't have to make up your mind alone. You have someone at your side who only wants your best. Who only wants you to succeed.

Yes, I can be that person for you. And I'll give you my honest opinion and do my very best to help you in any way that I can.

Because nothing will be more important than seeing you succeed.

How Much Faster Would Your Business Grow?

Here's what you get:

  • My secret email address and the subject line that starts your 20 weeks the moment you're ready. That way you'll never again have to feel lost and think, "What should I do?" You would never again have to go through the painful experience of making a mistake that could have been avoided... If only you'd known whom to ask.
  • Access to pick my brain and ask me questions about anything online business related (except tax questions and other legal questions... I'm not a lawyer). You can't obtain that advantage by reading a book. A book can't know your specific situation. I can - because you can tell me about it in your email. And then I can give you advice based on your unique situation.
  • Up to 100 email replies... Replies you can refer back to anytime, because you can keep them in your inbox. So if you find yourself in the same situation with the same doubt later, you can go back and pick the email where you asked me about it and find your solution. Because... yeah... we forget. Oops... Or is it just me?
  • Direct access to my inbox, 5 days a week. You don't need to hang on to a scheduled meeting time. No need to get up at 3 am to get on a call with me because we live in different time zones. You can send me an email any time of the day that fits you... And I'll get back to you the same day or the following.

Individually Each Feature Is Valuable - Combined They Are Your Powerful Foundation for Success

Imagine wondering about a question. Maybe one that's been bothering you for a while. Now you no longer have to be alone about it. You can simply fire up an email and send your question to me.


  • Instead of buying a $3,000 course that won't help you in your particular situation, you can ask me and save that money.
  • Instead of being THIS close to making $1,000 extra per month and having to give up because of a road-block, you can ask me and break through it.
  • Instead of working hard on a project for three weeks and then listening to nay-sayers telling you that your project is doomed, you can ask me and get the mental support you need to keep going and making your financial breakthrough.
  • Ask any successful marketer what they wish they'd done earlier, and they'll all say they wished they'd engaged a coach or mentor earlier. They credit their coach for finally having succeeded.

I will hold nothing back. You get access to all the accumulated knowledge I've gained in the 20+ years I've done email marketing and the 28+ years I've run my own company.

The answer to all your questions is only one email away.

Click below to get coaching in 20 weeks for only $2000


How will I be receiving the emails? 

I will be sending you the emails directly to the email address you provide.

What if I miss out on replying to an email? 

No worries. You can respond whenever it's convenient for you.

What if I have more than one question in a day? 

You are free to ask multiple questions in a day. However, keep in mind the 1 email reply per day limit.

Will I be able to ask questions on weekends? 

The program runs 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. You can still send me emails on weekends, but I will respond the next business day.

What topics are you most knowledgeable about? 

I have expertise in a wide range of topics related to online business, including email copywriting, affiliate marketing, info product creation, and more.

How quickly will you respond to my emails? 

I will respond within 24-48 hours during business days.

What if my business is in a niche field? Will your advice still be relevant? 

While my experience spans several areas, I'm confident that the principles and strategies I share can be applied across a broad range of industries.

How do I get started? 

You get started by purchasing the program and following the steps you'll receive. And then we go from there when you're ready.


After purchase, you'll get an email with a link to download. You'll also see the download link(s) straight away. If you're not already a subscriber to my list, the system will add you. You can unsubscribe at any moment if you don't like my emails.




PS If you have questions or doubts about if this course can help you, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

Questions? Problems? Contact me here: