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Wanna create notebooks and printables the easy and smart way?

"Special for Niranjan Pradhan's Tribe: Get These Awesome 6 Low Content Publishing Courses TODAY"

Here's What You'll Get with This Fantastic Deal

I made all of these courses with Affinity Publisher v1.0.

Students praised the courses as easy to understand and follow.

I show you exactly what you need to know (and no fluff) to create

  • Stunning notebooks
  • Awesome printables
  • Calendars with easy-to-add dates
  • And more...

You may be new to Affinity Publisher, but you'll quickly discover how much time you will save - and how much energy - when you start using this terrific program.

Especially when you learn to use it the way I teach it: the simple way.

Here Are the Six Courses

You can follow each link to its original sales page to read more about it.

Nifty Notebook Creation

Nifty Notebook Creation

Price: $397

Stand out from the competition. Create your own notebooks with a unique image and quote on each page without spending hours or days in the process.

Rapid Ruled Notebooks


Price: $67

Learn how to make a college ruled notebook from scratch using Affinity Publisher for the content pages.

Cute Calendar Printables


Price: $77

Learn how to make printable calendars (monthly, weekly, daily) with Affinity Publisher.

Monthly Calendar Magic


Price: $19.95

I didn't think it could be done... but I found a way.

Make your 2023 calendar quickly and move a few rows to make 2024, 2025, etc. even easier.

Magical Picture Method

Magical Picture Method

Price: $17.00

So... you've made Baby Shower printables, games, or other kinds of printables or journals. But they all have the same image in the background or on the page. How much more unique would it be if each page looked different? Yeah, I know... Lots of work. Unless you discover how you can do this automatically. I'll show you the four steps inside this course.

Monthly Calendar Bonus


Bonus for Buyers

If you have completed both Magical Picture Method and Monthly Calendar Magic, you can access this course for free. Inside, you'll discover how you can easily add both dates and individual images to our monthly calendars.

Total Price: $577.95

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I'm an Affinity Suite fan.

I made the above courses with Affinity Publisher v 1.0.

I made them so they are easy to follow with over-the-shoulder videos and written text with illustrations that make them easy to refer back to.

I have ADHD, so I know how hard it is to stay awake through long, boring videos. Therefore, I made mine short and to the point.

Plus, you get written instructions as well with pictures so you can easily go back and do the exercises again, after you've watched the videos.

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