Here's Why I've Been A Successful Marketer For Almost A Decade

From: Tony Shepherd and Britt Malka

This is the information I'll share with my own children when they start their own online businesses

This isn't a 'How To' guide and it's not about how to set up your business either, because I've covered that in my other products AND to be honest you probably already know by now what you SHOULD be doing...

What I'm sharing here is how I've learned to THINK to ensure the success of my business and security for my family

It's about the mindset I've developed that has allowed me to earn consistently five figures a MONTH over almost a decade when so many other marketers have vanished without trace


Here's What Mindset Can Do:


There's More You Need To Know!

You see, there's a lot more to having a successful online business than knowing how to build a sales funnel, create products, drive traffic and track results

Of course those things are important but you also need to know how to find the way of doing things that TRULY suits your personality and that almost guarantees your chances of success.

Truth told, if you're trying to do things in a way that isn't really YOU, your chances of succeeding are very slim.

You also need to know how to compensate for the attributes that you lack (we ALL lack certain key characteristics) that can stop your business success dead in it's tracks.

In fact when I first learned how to do this for myself I finally broke through the $3,000 a month barrier that had been holding me back for a long time



Here's what I'm going to share with you:

>> How the single biggest thing that's holding you back from massive online success isn't knowing what to do, it's knowing how to THINK

>> How 'embracing my inner moron' turned a business failure into a $10,000 profit.

>> How a horrible encounter with someone determined to ruin my business changed my thinking, but only after weeks of worry.

>> The complexity trap and why you can't see it when you're in it. I'll show you what to focus on, and what to ignore to maximise your profit

>> Why you MUST know what you want from life before you can even start moving your business forward

>> How we ALL lack vital attributes that hold our businesses back and how you can overcome this

>> The only REAL trait that successful online entrepreneurs share, and how it's NOTHING like you've been told in the past

>> The misconceptions that most new online marketers have, can never shake, and how it stops most of them ever becoming successful

>> Why YOU are your own worst enemy, and how to change this way of thinking overnight (changing this was a huge part of my own success)

>> How to find out if you're a permission-seeker and why this can ring the death bell for your business

>> How I deal with people who give me a hard time or try to sap my time and energy, and why you're almost certainly being held back by other people without realising it

>> Why it's important MENTALLY as well as financially to have multiple streams of income

>> Why you need to get real about the amount of money you need to live on, despite experts telling you to invest heavily in your online business

>> How you're probably focusing too much on the WRONG people and how it's affecting your success (Hint: these people are NOT who pay your bills!)

>> One of the biggest mistakes even experienced marketers make and why their profits fall because of it (I was guilty of what I call 'wandering' and how I changed my thinking to stop this in its tracks)

>> How I find the inspiration I need to keep my life, focus AND business healthy. This is vital to your success

>> Probably most important thing I can ever teach anyone about success, full stop. You need to know this (page 48)

>> My 'Shortcut Sheet' - my thoughts on what parts of online business I've focused on to keep my business safe and profitable over the last decade.

And much more...


Why Do I Want To Share This With You Now?

Well because when I'm working with clients that I've coached to five figure a month incomes, I've seen just as much success teaching these simple mindset strategies as I have teaching actual marketing techniques

And if I'd known this information myself at the start I could have acheived what I have in just a fraction of the time

I'm not complaining - I have a lifestyle that I love and freedom to do pretty much anything I want to do

And I think I can help you to do the same

Let's be brutally honest - Your current thinking has got you PRECISELY to the stage you're at right now

If you're happy with that, then I wish you well

But if you're not please realise that NOTHING is going to change for you unless you change your thinking.

Please allow me to share with you the things I've learned that have given me the business I have now, which in turn has changed my life

I can't make you any promises about what this will do to YOUR income potential but I can show you the way of thinking that I used to transform my own business into a five-figures a month one

...and I genuinely, honestly think this will help you too

What I'm offering YOU here today is simple - let me show you exactly what I found, and exactly what I DID...





Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?

Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain and yet do nothing to change their situation

You have my respect because you took the time to read what I have to say to you.... thank you’ve already started to take action

And that deserves respect

I hope we’ll speak soon

With sincerity,


Tony Shepherd and Britt Malka

P.S. As I said earlier, this info is what I'll teach my own children when they start their own online businesses in the future. That's how important I think it is

P.P.S. I'm sharing the mindset and way of thinking that I use daily and which built my business to where it is today

With your permission I’d like to see if I could help you change things for yourself....starting right now






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