​Are you tired of ​buying product after product that promise to show you how to make $114.64 per day with affiliate marketing... But you always lack the steps that allows you to get started?

"​Are You Ready to Finally Start Your Affiliate Business by ​Breaking Through the Roadblocks that Used to Stop You?"

​Then read every single word on this page, because I promise you, you have things to look forward to.

​Change is coming.

​Dear affiliate marketer,

Britt Malka here, and I feel your pain.

Sometimes, I think I was lucky because when I started out in 1998 there were no ebooks, blogs, or any kind of information ​about online marketing.

​Why Was That Good?

​I had to figure it all out by myself, which meant a lot of trial and error, but at least I didn't have others to lead me astray.

Like one of my students said:

​It's a Minefield

​It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you are in territory you have never been into before. It’s a minefield and most maps are useless because most people selling them don’t care — or know — how accurate or relevant they are.

Like those maps to the homes of the stars they sell in Beverly Hills, when most of them moved years ago.

​So I Learned the Hard Way

​There was much to figure out, and WordPress and Blogger didn't exist.

Building a homepage meant learning how to program it with HTML and PHP and CSS.

There were hardly any affiliate programs available. I signed up for Amazon, but otherwise I had to pay to become a reseller.

It wasn't cheap either. It could easily cost $200 - $300 just for being allowed to resell a product.

​So Why Isn't It Easier Today?

​Some things are.

You no longer need to learn HTML, you can set up a WordPress blog instead.

You don't have to pay for being allowed to promote a product. You just have to request and get approved.

​And there's a flood of info-products to tell you how you can make money as an affiliate.

Only trouble is that most of them assume you know all the basic stuff.

​And even the info products that tells you exactly what to do, or where you don't need a homepage or a list, they all skip one major point.

​The Point that Makes
All the Difference

​​This point is something nobody talks about. The few that know of it keep it as a secret.

I've never shared it in any products before, because quite frankly... it's the bomb!

Armed with this piece of knowledge, you're headed right for the stars.

You can finally start your affiliate business the right way and skip both the hard learning ​curve I had to go through, and pay only a fraction of what I did.


​Vanquisher is all the knowledge I wish I had when I started.

It consists of 12 modules you can go through at your own pace. They will all be delivered as PDF ebooks, some of them accompanied by videos where appropriate.

Seth Young

Seth Young

​Vanquisher is the most thorough marketing course I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. It will show you exactly what you need to do, how to do it and when to do it. If you have had trouble making money online in the past, THIS is your solution.

​Vanquisher ​Leads ​You
by the ​Hand

Over the years I have made several attempts to conquer the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing, and eventually I just more or less figured that success was only destined for those early adopters with just the right computer and marketing skills. Most products that were supposed to teach me left big chunks out, or weren’t remotely applicable to the niche I wanted to try…or were simply unintelligible to someone like me, whose background is in words rather than in math and algorithms. My eyes would glaze over at the overload of information and I’d have to give up and look for something else.

Enter Britt Malka and “Vanquisher.” Britt does not leave you behind by rattling on in a language that only computer programmers or marketing managers understand. She is both smart AND patient, which is a huge help, and Vanquisher leads you by the hand through the obstacle course step by step. By the end of Module 2 I had already realized that not only did I finally understand how to use Facebook to research an audience (whoo hoo!) but also that yes, this time would be different, and that I would graduate – finally – with the tools I needed to succeed in this business.

Britt doesn’t just tell you the “what,” she tells you the “how.”

Consider my doubts Vanquished!

​~ Jaimi Sorrell

​What Should You Expect?

​Here are the 12 modules:

  1. Overview
  2. Find your niche
  3. Validate your niche
  4. Know your audience
  5. Build your web presence
  6. Build your list
  7. How to Get Paid
  8. Reviewing Products
  9. Daily emails
  10. Blog content
  11. Promotions
  12. Conclusion

​This Is Not a "Read & Put Away" Book

​Each module will consist of roughly 20 pages of information and action steps.

Yes, you read that right. Action steps, aka homework.

I want you to succeed. Nothing would make me happier than learning that you're now independent of others - whether that be a spouse, ​welfare or a job.

That's why I've added action steps after each module.

​Regular price ​$​147​ Today $​​97​​​​​

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​PS ​If you want me to coach you through this, just tick the upsell, and you will get access to a VIP forum, where you can hand in your homework, get feedback and help, ask questions, and have somebody hold you accountable.

One of my students, Jaimi Sorrell, chose this option, and she has this to say about it:

It's true what they say, though. A coach makes all the difference. You don't get that brain freeze that you do when you are trying to do it alone...and in any case a good coach won't let you get away with chickening out.

Because of the nature of this product, all sales are final.

Questions? Problems? Contact me here: https://www.MalkaSupport.com

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