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"How to Get Viral Traffic, Entertain Your Visitors, Grow Your List, and Make Money - Without Spending Hours in the Process"

Are you struggling to grow your list?

Have you noticed that free reports and other opt-in baits don't work as well as they used to?

Are you scratching your head to figure out what people want? And that you can give them?

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I feel your pain.

I remember the good old days when you could simply write "sign up to get my newsletter" - and people would sign up.

Now not even good reports or videos work without a powerful context.

So what do people really want?

What makes them sign up--and stay--on your list?

What Do People Really Want?

If you've been wondering about that, you're not alone.

I've scratched my head many times thinking about the same question.

"Why don't they sign up like they used to?"

Well, the world has changed.

Promising daily or weekly updates no longer works.

Giving away a free report no longer works.

Building a list today takes a lot more than just giving away a freebie.

So what do people really want?

I figured it out by watching them on social media.

People Want Entertainment

Like the old song goes, "Girls just wanna have fun."

It's no longer just girls, though. It's everybody.

We have enough problems in our lives, so we want to relax and be entertained.

Therefore, if you can entertain people, they will come to you by their own free will.

In fact, you need to entertain in some way to have your content go viral.

If you can do that, people will love to share it, because they want to look good to their friends.

And by sharing something their friends like, their friends will appreciate it.

How Can You Entertain Your Visitors?

How about taking advantage of something that is already popular?

Something you can piggyback on?

I'll tell you how you can do that, but first... close your eyes.

Then listen to my voice as I whisper into your ear a question:

What is the most popular season of the year?

I hear you whisper back: Christmas.

And you're right.

To most people, whether they are religious or not Christmas symbolizes snow, gifts, fun days, family, delicious food, coziness...

The next thing you need to think of is...

What do people love doing before Christmas?

Lots of things.

  • They enjoy buying gifts for friends and family, thinking about the happy faces when they unwrap the gifts.
  • They love making their homes look and smell of Christmas.
  • They love the thought of the delicious Christmas food and goodies.
  • And they love having a Christmas/Advent calendar and open a new door each day, counting up to Christmas.

And Behind Those Doors Lies the Secret

Because if you can offer people a Christmas calendar with doors to open, you can entertain them.

There's a strange satisfaction in opening these doors.

The excitement from revealing something...


  • A gift?
  • A quote?
  • A discount coupon?

You decide.

You can even turn your Xmas calendar into a quiz.

If you think it's outside of your reach to share a Xmas calendar with your visitors, luckily, you would be wrong.

It's surprisingly easy to set it all up. If only you know where to find a plugin for your WordPress blog and how to come up with questions for your quiz, or how to share inspirational quotes or trivia.


Suzanne Sukhram-Farmer

Suzanne S Farmer

Holy smokes!

Britt has outdone herself with this one! I loved the idea when she first mentioned it to me, and now after reading the guide, my mind is abuzz with ideas on how I can incorporate this into my businesses!

Why a Christmas calendar is so popular

Why your Xmas calendar could easily go viral

What you need to create a Xmas calendar (and you probably have most of it already)

What you MUST look for before buying a script or plugin (and which most people don't know) to avoid getting hacked.

How to easily setup your Xmas calendar

How to remove headers and footers from your calendar (if you want to)

The four different kinds of Christmas calendars that will please your visitors

How to plan your Christmas calendar content

How to find inspiration for your content

How to easily add content behind each door

How to entice your visitors to sign up for your list, and why they will happily do so

How to make a Xmas quiz depending on the purpose of your calendar (this is extremely important if you don't want to fail)

How you can make sales thanks to your calendar, whether you're a marketer or a writer

How to find questions and answers for your quiz

Where and how to find inspirational or funny quotes for your calendar

How to promote your own books or products through your calendar

How to send visitors to your calendar - and how to make them come back daily

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PPS Christmas is probably the most popular season, even for people who aren't Christian. Take advantage of it to entertain your visitors, make money, and grow your list at the same time by creating a viral Xmas calendar.


Q: Do I need to invest in anything else than this ebook to make my Xmas calendar?

A: Yes. But you may have most of it already.

You'll need:

  • A domain (prices between $1 and $11)
  • Hosting (from $3.58 per month)
  • An autoresponder (optional)
  • A WordPress plugin to create the calendar ($29)

Q: Why do you write Xmas? That's taking Christ out.

A: According to Wikipedia, the X comes from Greek and means "Christ." But personally, as a non-Christian, I just like the way the word looks.

Q: Are there any upsells?

A: Yes.

When you're checking out, you get the chance to buy PLR (white label rights) for Viral Xmas Calendar, and you'll get the Word .docx so you can change it as you please.

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