Why Milestones Are Better than Goals

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.

Thomas Carlyle

I’ve made income goals since 2014.

Back then, I had lost the income from my Danish computer tips site (long story). I was building a new presence online with a list to an English speaking audience. And I made a huge mistake with my goals.


If you set a goal that you never really obtain…

Not because it’s out of your reach, but because of its nature… Then you’ll never feel accomplished. Because you aren’t.

Since 2014, I had growing goals

  • Make $10 per day on average.
  • Make $50 per day on average.
  • Make $100 per day on average.
  • Make $200 per day on average.
  • Make $500 per day on average.

I’m sure you get the picture.

But let’s say that I’m comfortable with making $500 per day.

When would I reach it?

Surely not the first time I make $500 one day.

No, you would only reach that goal the moment you ALL THE TIME make $500 a day on average. So you could have “reached your goal” for weeks, then have a low period, and suddenly you have failed. It never feels great to fail.

Instead of goals, you should go for milestones.

What If You Instead Was Going for Milestones

Back in 2016, I went for a milestone that said $1,000 in one day.

I made it – earned $1,334.31 in one day with online income alone.

But on average that month, I only made $192 per day.

So I wouldn’t even have reached a $500/day on average goal.

Set milestones instead.

  • Milestone #1: Make $50 in one day.
  • Milestone #2: Make $100 in one day.
  • Milestone #3: Make $273 in one day.
  • Milestone #4: Make $1950 in one week.
  • Milestone #5: Make $8400 in one month.
  • Milestone #6: Make $100K in one year.

Then we’re talking!

You can reach those Milestones and strike them from the list. “I’ve done it!”


Super accomplished.

Another problem with goals

If you have no control over a goal… how can you plan to reach it?

If your goal was $500 per day, sure, you could plan how you theoretically would get there.

But it would depend on many external issues as well. Not just the work you put in.

  • A pandemic could happen.
  • People could be out of money.
  • Something could come up that will demand all your time.

You cannot plan for a milestone.

But you can work towards it and celebrate when you reach it.

Do You Have a Clear Vision?

Give it some thought.

What milestones would you like to reach?

What you focus your attention on, will grow.

So focus on ambitious milestones, and you’ll reach them.