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Attention small list-owners...

"How to Touch Your Subscribers' Hearts, Help Them, and Still Make Sales?"

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "If only I had a big list"?

And when you read that even if you only have one subscribers, you should still send them emails, do you then go, "Whatever should I write?"

It all seems so painless for guys with big lists. They can just jot down anything in a couple of minutes. Push a button. And make money. Right?

But you can easily outsmart the “gurus” who rely on their huge lists to make money.

They have their names and brands. But you can get noticed and stand out with your emails.

And if you believed that it will take lots of time and tons of bonuses, I have good news for you: Nope. It doesn’t.

It takes LESS time to write good emails than writing the lame emails you see everybody else sending out.

You don’t even need to be a good or a fast writer.

The Problem Is Not Writing

It has nothing to do with being a talented writer.

Or having written hundreds of emails.

In most cases, people struggle with STARTING, not writing.

They think they need the right hook, the right powerful words, and if they can’t come up with them, they are doomed to lose.

That's not true, but what happens?

Sometimes, they simply give up and don’t mail about the product. And that’s bad. Won’t make them any money.

Sometimes, they use swipes as they are... Swipes are emails written by the product creator for affiliates to use.

When people receive several emails containing the exact same words about how "my good friend has just released this mind-blowing product," then they recognize them for what they are:

Copy and paste emails.

And angry people unsubscribe because when they see that. They take that the list owner doesn't care about them.

Only about selling to them.

There’s a better way. And you don’t have to study email marketing for years.

You just need to learn a simple method--but make sure you do it before any of the gurus find this.

Britt Malka

Hi, I'm Britt Malka, and I have a small list.

Sure, like everybody else I dream about having a bigger list, but I'm doing fine with the one I have.

So I chose not to bother with solo-ads, Facebook ads and other stuff that I know little about.

It would cost me a lot of time at best, and also a lot of money at worst.

Therefore, I've chosen to work on doing better with my tiny list instead of doing what I see gurus do: grow their list and then hammer their subscribers to death with lame emails.

I know from first-hand experience that one of the big guys with a list he himself told me counted 300,000 subscribers sold TWO copies of one of my products.

Two sales to 300,000 subscribers.

That's 0.00066%.

And my product was a $10 product.

How Can I Tell You About This?

Personally, I love writing emails.

I love getting replies to my emails, and I love to give personal advice if somebody asks me: Will this product help me?

But I know that everybody doesn't feel that way. And it didn't feel like that to me from the beginning.

Years ago, when I had a Danish list about computer tips, I panicked when I reached 100 subscribers. I was so scared.


It was my love for writing that got me over my fear.

And that was one of the best things that happened to me.

Having a list and sending regular emails... Everybody should do that.

So why doesn't everybody?

My theory is that it's because of two things:

  • It's hard to get started.
  • It's hard to come up with ideas about what to write in emails.

I will help you get over this.

Because I know that once you get started... just like kicking a small snowball down the hill... You can't stop it again.

It will keep rolling and keep growing.

That's why it's my goal to show you how to make your snowball start rolling.

I'm pretty sure you'll love my latest method.


But Before I Tell You about What I Discovered...

Here are some screenshots from the two last times I've used my new method.

The first one was a launch contest made by Kam Jennings.

His product was actually part of the reason I came up with this method that I'll tell you about soon.

My email sequence landed me on his leaderboard, as you can see here.

And there are several affiliates with huge lists on that board too - beneath me.

Affiliate Safari Leaderboard - I'm #2

Here's the latest launch I used my method for.

This time I was not at the top, but it's the first time (I believe) that I land on Kevin Fahey's leaderboard.

Kevin Fahey Leaderboard - I'm #7

Small List Owners Face Three Major Problems

It's hard to land contest prizes with a tiny list.

You need to come up with ideas for 5-7 emails for one promotion.

You need to stand out and get noticed without having a big name.

Let's face it. Those are the odds we're up against as a tiny list-owner.

What's worse: We need to do it every single time.

It's like starting from scratch for every new affiliate product you promote.

I was sick and tired of it. In fact, for a while I sent out very few emails, because I didn't have the energy to start all over again.

Every time.

Something had to be done.

I needed a system I could follow that:

Would make it easy to come up with ideas for email angles.

Would make it fast to write these emails - max 10 minutes per email.

Would make my emails stand out.

Would make me sales.

I stumbled upon such a system, and to my pleasant surprise it even had a long-term effect I didn't expect.

The next time I promoted a product from the same vendor, I made more sales than usual.


Happily Ever After Emails

Kam Jennings

It's a powerful way of writing an email sequence.

It's something that can be used again and again to produce really effective affiliate promotions.

One thing I think is really cool is that although it is based off a romance structure, you would never know that unless you were told this is how these emails were created.

There is a genius to that.

This is one of those products that people can really use to get better.

I know I enjoyed it a lot.

Of course I am biased because I already make money with email and I see how powerful this method can be.

WHAT Did Kam Just Say? Romance???

Cough, yes.

Happily Ever After Emails actually follows a romance story structure, but before you run away screaming...

Don't panic!

You don't have to read romance, to like romance, to write romance or anything dangerous like that.

The romance is just the secret ingredient, and your subscribers will never suspect it's there.

But it makes for SOOOOO GOOD emails that you can't dream about it.

You don't even have to be good at writing. Or telling stories.

It's all explained, step-by-step, email-by-email inside Happily Ever After Emails.

I can tell (because I'm so psychic that I hear the voices in other people's heads) that you're not convinced, so let me show you what's inside the ebook.

This Is Revealed Inside...

How a serious failure from my side led to something good (page 5)

How to plan your email sequence in order to land on the leaderboard and sell more products (page 7)

The great tools that can help you with your planning (page 7)

What to do if a launch lasts four day, five days, seven days or more (page 7)

The exact plan that landed me on the leaderboard on one of the biggest launches in 2020 (page 8)

How you can plan the perfect sequence structure just by having the launch date and going from there (page 9)

The powerful way you write email #1 in your sequence. This one has far-reaching consequences (page 11)

How to let others write email #1 for you for the best long-term results (page 11)

How an email I didn't even write myself got me the comment, "This is one of your best letters!" (page 13)

Where to introduce your written or video review (if you've made one) (page 15)

What you MUST add to your third email, even though it seems unnecessary (page 17)

How to easily spice up your emails and make them more interesting for your subscribers (page 18)

Did your mother teach you to be quiet if you had nothing good to say? Well, I'll show you how to find bad things to say - and you must say them (page 19)

The ONE thing you should tell your subscribers about in your email #5 (page 21)

Uh oh! Things don't always go as you want them to. On the contrary. Expect the worst and handle it (page 23)

How to secure a long-term result from one email series (page 26)

The optional advanced tactic that can bring your emails to the next level (page 26)

What to do if you need more than seven emails (page 27)

How to make sure you get the most possible sales even from the last day of the launch (page 27)

The two important and powerful things you should get from this ebook and which will secure you long-term success (page 29)

You get action steps after each chapter.

Things are broken down for you so it's easy to take action instantly after each chapter.

Click below to get Happily Ever After Emails for only $19.96

Get Happily Ever After Emails right now and plan and write your next email series today!

These emails will help you stand out and sell a lot more products.

And you don't have to be a writer or know anything about romance at all.

After purchase, you'll get an email with a link to download. You'll also see the download link(s) straight away. If you're not already a subscriber to my list, the system will add you. You can unsubscribe at any moment if you don't like my emails.




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PPS If you're tired of not having an impact with your tiny list, then you'll love this crazy and completely out-of-the-box approach to selling more products and even make it to the leaderboards of big launches.

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